Observing Jack Hamster 3

Proverbs 28:13 declares:  “He that covereth his sin shall not prosper. . .”   That truth is for people, I know that.  Jack, the hamster, if he were human would have to memorize that verse.

As I have written before, Jack liked to sleep in his exercise wheel.  He built a nest in the wheel which is mounted on the outside of the cage though a small opening, piece by piece of bedding.  Sometimes I would see Jack come out in the day time, eat, and carry more bedding into his sleeping quarters.  I accidentally found out Jack’s reason.  Jack was covering his “business.”

Some people told both me and Kaden that the reason for not owning a hamster is the odor they emit.  Those who love hamsters and own them write about that odor.  Hamsters find a place to relieve themselves and seldom go any place else.  The secret to a mostly odor-free hamster is to locate that place and clean it everyday.  Jack was peeing his bed.  Since it must be uncomfortable, he then dried his bed by covering it with more bedding.  When I cleaned his bed everyday, Jack became mostly odor free.

Secret sins are like Jack’s bed.  We try to cover those little pesky “faults” with good things, good reasons, good intentions.  But the fact is—they stink.  If those secret sins lie untended, in fact, they reek.  Let’s be a sweet smelling fragrance, especially to those who abide with us.

The rest of the verse is “. . . but he that confesseth and forsaketh them [sins] shall prosper.”




  1. Glenda

    Oh, my! Can you imagine the stench in the Lord’s nostrils when we hang onto those “little things” that nobody else sees!?! Thank you for pointing out this truth to us!

    • That was my thought as I daily took Jack out of the cage so I could detach the wheel and clean it. I believe somewhere in the prophets, Isa 1 maybe, God points out how disgusting those accumulated sins are to Him. Thanks for the comment, Glenda.

  2. Excellent, Karyl. You just keep getting better.

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