Observing Hank Hamster

After hamster sitting Jack Hamster for my grandson, I decided to get one of my own.  Meet Hank!

I suppose this will be the first of many posts about Hank. He is just a baby and he has absolutely no compunction about letting me know that I am not his mommy.  It will take me at least two weeks to convince him that I mean him no harm.  Catching him to clean his habitat without throwing him back into fear may be a challenge.

I did not want him to sleep in his exercise wheel, as Jack is determined to do, so I bought him a cute little hamster house made of vines of some sort.  At first he would have nothing to do with it.  Gently I directed him to this little haven of safety and now, he thinks it is a wonderful hiding place to doze away the daylight hours.  Today he piled up some bedding against the door and may as well have hung out a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Sometimes Christians find refuge in a hiding place.  Regretfully, they shut out the very people who are concerned about their joy.  My husband used to call them “Cave Christians.”  They may as well hang out a “Do Not Disturb” sign too.

Number One:  Please do not become a loner when what you really need is fellowship.  Force yourself to be where folks can reach out to you in loving ways.

Number Two:  Gently help those who are seeming to withdraw by showing sincere interest. Don’t be afraid to ask probing questions without being intrusive.  Touch is important; a pat on the arm is a start.  Above anything else, privately pray for them.

A few days from now, Hank will begin to trust me.  He will take walnuts (my sneaky weapon) from my outstretched hand.  He will still sleep in his hamster hut because it is instinctive.  I’ll understand.  Hank will understand too.  We will have a mutual understanding that will grow into something lovely.

When Jesus instructed his disciples about loving each other he also gave them a precious prediction:  By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples: if ye have love one for another.” (John 13:35) What a wonderful way to mark yourself as a Christian.


P.S.  Someday you will be surprised that I have learned how to insert a picture and you will see Hank.



  1. Glenda

    Another wonderful lesson for us as Christians! Thank you, and I’ll be happy to see pictures of this charming little creature as soon as you know how to post them! I would not know how it’s done, either…. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The Shepherd's Presence and commented:

    Hank has now been replaced by Honey Hamster, but he is certainly not forgotten. Because I have been thinking about the many life-lessons he taught me, I am repeating my first weblog about him today. There are about eight blogs about his short life. If you like this one, just type in “Hank” on the search bar and find more. He gave me so much joy!

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