Teeth, Dentist, and Wisdom

The Shepherd’s presence in the dental office.

This morning I made a visit to the dentist.  Now, I really do like my dentist; he is a very nice guy.  He really could advertise gentle dental and hold true to his advertising.  I just really don’t put going to the dentist at the top of a list as a favorite thing to do.

A year ago I lost a filling out of a wisdom tooth.  It didn’t bother me other that the gap attracted food and after every meal I had to floss out my “stash” but recently, it started to let me know some discomfort.  So, Dr. Taylor looked at it a few weeks ago and recommended its removal.  This morning was the morning of our separation.  The tooth and I had kept company now for about fifty years.

Of my four wisdom teeth, this was the last reminder that those third molars really are so far back in the mouth, one can get along without them.  So what’s the connection between teeth and wisdom anyhow?  Wisdom teeth are named wisdom because they are last to erupt.  They don’t bring wisdom.  By the time a person is 18 years old, he is wiser than when he was six months old and baby tooth 1 erupted.

Sitting in that chair this morning I was reminded of two things about wisdom.  First, wisdom comes from fearing the Lord. Solomon, who asked for wisdom above riches, knew that and shared it in Proverbs 1:7 and 9:10.  Then James wrote “If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God. . . “(James 1:5) Accumulated knowledge is good; but the application of knowledge produces wisdom.

I left the dentist’s office with one less tooth, but I didn’t lose wisdom.  I have a ready source from God’s Word.

Next time you hear someone use a tooth expression such as “cutting teeth, eye teeth, by the skin of his teeth, or baby teeth “remember that wisdom comes from God, not teeth!

P.S.  Hank Hamster has VERY sharp teeth.  He greedily looked for another piece of walnut and bit me yesterday! 



  1. Glenda

    OUCH!!! You might have to start wearing gloves when you feed Hank Hamster!!

    I think it’s interesting that teeth in the Bible are called grinders in some instances, as in “when the grinders cease.” I still have one of my “wisdom teeth” remaining, too, and I don’t know how it’s managed to stand the test of time, but I’m especially careful to brush thoroughly on that side of my mouth. I also have four crowns in my mouth, but I hope to have many more than that to cast before my Lord’s throne one day!! 🙂

    • I thought about the crowns application too, but decided to wait. I have an appt. for a crown prep on Feb 5. It is on an “eye” tooth. I have some other crowns also. I have very soft teeth and have had lots of dental work. While I appreciate what a good dentist can do, I still don’t like going. After the Avastin treatments, however, the numbing is “a piece of cake”!

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