The Hand that Feeds You

Hank Hamster is so cute, a little baby hamster he is, just learning how to survive in my home habitat.  In an effort to tame Hank, I have offered him walnuts from my hand.  Hank now knows that he need not be afraid of that hand coming into his dwelling because it usually bears food.  A day or so ago I gave him little broccoli florets one at a time.  Then I scooped him up and he sat in my hand waiting for more food.  I wasn’t fast enough.  He chomped into my finger.  Since the bite drew blood, I gently but quickly put him down and went to nurse my wound.

Jesus, my good Shepherd “leads me beside still waters.  He watches over me in green pastures.  Jesus is the Bread of Life, and gives us Living Water.  When I don’t get what I have come to expect I could complain. We become snippy.  In short, our complaints and faintness of faith bites the hand that feeds us.

Do we do that intentionally?  No, probably we do not do it purposefully.  In our search for creature comforts, we take things for granted.  We complain.  Instead of patiently waiting for the Good Shepherd, we venture out on our own. Our curt lack of faith cuts deep if it reaches the attention of those we have attempted to win to Christ.

Once I rinsed off my finger with cold water and the bleeding stopped, I went back to Hank with another bit of food.  I didn’t put him out in the cold, or refuse to feed him.  God gently, ever so graciously forgives, loves us with an everlasting love, and continues to care for us.  His love for us is affirmed in Hebrews 13:5 “. . . I will never leave thee or forsake thee.”



  1. Glenda

    Another wonderful lesson from Hank! Our lives are so much simpler when we learn to trust our Heavenly Father for every need, just as He has promised to provide! I think that many of us, though, look for “dessert” when He is not ready for us to stop eating the main course yet…. Gotta learn to put first things first, and that’s not always easy! Thank you again for this great object lesson.

  2. I think I’m really going to enjoy getting to know Hank 🙂

    • I hope Hank will continue to be a teaching assistant. My sweet friend, Margaret, would say, “Well, that’s how life is. . . and go on with a simple object lesson. I had a good inflluence. One of these days I’ll put a picture of Hank on this site.

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