Thoughts on the 2013 Presidential Inauguration

These are thoughts from me, a regular citizen.  I watched this on C-SPAN so as to not have any planted seeds of interpretation.  This is what I came away thinking.

I put my bucket into a well of hope and it came up empty.

This is not MY President.  Mr. Obama has no intention of acting upon the behalf of the 48 percent who did not vote for him.  I am deeply disappointed because if nothing else, I have in the last several weeks defended the office of the President.  The President did not defend me.  He gave no inkling of hope that our nation can obtain unity of purpose in anything for which I stand.

So, I am disappointed; I am vastly disappointed.

Then there was the emptiness of both the Invocation and Benediction.  When the person “praying” finally finished, I found myself saying, “What was that?”  The Benediction bordered on blasphemy.  I wonder if other benedictions and invocations at inaugurations have been recorded.  I wonder how they compare.  At the very least I expected them to be memorized for such a grand ceremony; instead the so-called prayers were read without passion.

The Inauguration poem left me empty.  It was noble to choose a poet who is an immigrant.  The poem itself had the meter and poetic elements of word choice.  Yet, it was delivered, by the poet himself without passion or word color.  The majesty of our county was there but in limitation.  Under that sky, which was the theme, he left out some very noble people.  He left out farmers who feed us and the whole agriculture industry.  He also left out the vast medical field that keeps us healthy and is in constant research for cures.

The music was gifted.  Clarkson sang well.  I wondered if she had a clue of the impact of those lyrics that declare, “Great God, Our King.”  Sadly, God is less than our King when religious freedom is being viciously attacked on every side.  God is not king in a country where killing unborn is acceptable.

Although I feel empty going out of this formal ceremony, I am not without hope.  My hope is in that final lyric in America. God is my King.  My hope is in Him.

As I have encouraged you, my reader, so often, I encourage you again to know your Congressman and pray for him/her.  Pray for the members of the courts and particularly the nine members of the Supreme Court.  May, at our persistent begging, they be given Uncommon Wisdom.

I add as post script:  I left the television going while I jotted down these thoughts, and caught the Inauguration luncheon prayer by Luis Cortes, and hats off to him, he knows how to pray.  Mrs. Obama, however, needs to close her eyes during prayer!





  1. I just couldn’t watch it, Karyl. Couldn’t bear to watch his arrogance and gloating. I agree that we need to quit all the venomous postings on Facebook and pray for him and all the others in power. However, I do think we need to stay informed as much as we can on what goes on that the media NEVER tells us, and FB seems to be one way to do that. I do a lot of skimming.

    • I am thankful that my representative and senator keep me informed. Otherwise, it could be quite upsetting. Mr. Obama has possibly been the most devisive President ever, at least in modern history. I still have C-SPAN going as that is so unbiased and allows me to think for myself. Thanks for commenting, Linda. I don’t have a student this afternoon so intend on getting caught up on your Bible study. Once again, I am lagging behind.

      • It’s a short one today–and yesterday, too, actually 🙂

  2. Glenda

    We have been gone for several hours, and there was no TV on where we were, but there was a lot of discussion of the direction our country is taking. Fortunately, those who were in our little gathering are of one mind, both spiritually and politically, and we all agree that these next few months and years will tell a REAL story about our nation, and it appears that the story will not be pleasant. Last night, I watched a short interview with that poet, who was introduced as a “gay poet.” His remarks were quite vague, talking about his family while growing up, with very little emotion. I do pray for our leaders at all levels, but my HOPE is in Christ!! He does NOT change, and He has promised to be with us always!

    • Didn’t realize that about the poet. I was encouraged this afternoon while watching TheBlaze. Beck had his own inauguration ball of “misfits” as he called them. Sometimes I tend to have an “Elijah” syndrome and think I am alone. There are many conservative grass roots people stirring the pot. While there is political hope of sorts, we cannot trust in horses or chariots, as it says in the Psalms. Our trust and hope is in the Lord.

  3. I enjoyed your blog! Yes, in this day and time….We better know in whom we have believed!! May God help us in the days ahead to pray more and get deeper into his Word. We have some rough days ahead, but God is certainly in control of it all.

    • Thank you for reading, and commenting. And welcome to my weblog site. I look forward to hearing from others. Most of the time my blogs are on common things, but about once a month or six weeks, I post a “God and Country” topic. It is wise for Believers to encourage each other. Again, welcome.

  4. I resonate with your sentiments on the inaugural prayer and the prospects of another four years of the current administration’s policies. However also like you soon realized that while the President may be the most powerful man in the free world, Jesus is still King of King and Lord of Lords. I wrote about my sentiments in my post, “Where Prayer Cannot Be Removed (Without your Permission)

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