Hank, Keep Trying

Hank wants to escape.  He and I have now become friends because when I lift him out of his small habitat, he is free.  At least he thinks he is free.  He is able to run up and down my arm, and investigate the interior of my flannel shirt.  Boundary lines do still exist.  Even if Hank were to slip away from me, he would still be in the house—somewhere.

Last night I saw Hank do quite a feat.  He was sitting on top of his exercise wheel. He, in his hamster mind, was thinking, “Now, if I could just jump to that ledge. . .”  I wondered how he climbed up there so I turned the wheel enough that he had to jump off.  He positioned himself on the bottom and stretched his full body length, grasped the top of the wheel with his tiny little feet and pulled himself up! Wow!  I should have named him Samson. Granted, the wheel is just for a very small animal and not a growing hamster. Today I graduated him to a bigger wheel.

Hank did not give up.  Originally I saw him spinning the wheel from the outside.  Outside or inside, it really did not matter to me.  Then, when I saw Hank on top of the wheel, well, it was head-shaking to say the least.  My dad used to tell me, “If there’s a will; there’s a way.”  The woman in the Bible account that needed bread did not lose her resolve.  Finally, the judge stepped over his sleeping family, found some bread and gave it to the woman. He acted on her behalf because the widow did not give up asking.  Luke 18:5-7 gives us the account.  Verse 7 affirms that God will do the same for us.  Likewise, Matthew 7:8 tells us, “For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Hank made it to the top of a round wheel and he is just a persistent little hamster wanting freedom.  Then, I can keep on asking, seeking, knocking, and God will answer in His time, on His timetable.  Yet, I am unashamed, like the widow woman, to ask.

Hank has done it again.  His antics keep reminding me of how to live.








  1. Glenda

    I love your lessons from Hank! Yes, we must be persistent in our prayers. It’s not that God wants to hold us in suspense, but He, in His ultimate wisdom, knows when the time is right. Sometimes, we just have to become a bit more mature to appreciate what He has for us. Thank you for always being alert to these pieces of life that would escape many! 🙂

  2. So cute! I could almost see Hank’s little paws and tiny whiskers. As I read your post, it also reminded me of the tension between our ‘free’ will, which is limited, and God’s sovereign will which is not. 🙂

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