My Prayer List for America

Last fall I posted a few times on the Forty Days of Prayer.  You can go back and read those posts; they will be in October or November archives.  Since that time I have also been better about praying for America’s needs.  Based on notes that I took during the October 30, 2012 prayer summit organized and carried out by OneCry, I customized a prayer list.  It includes the following items:

1.  Personal introspection.

2.  A safe country

3.  A safe community.

4.  Leadership that will give God a place in decisions.  We do have several Born Again people in our Congress. (Pray for more to be willing to have the gumption to run for office.)

5.  National leaders which include all three branches of our government.

Pray for them by name; particularly my Representative, my Senators

6.  State leaders and decisions

7.  Pray for employment of our citizens, family members, friends, neighbors

8.  Pray for organizations that stand for decency and moral values

9.  Pray for the clergy of our nation and of course, for my own pastor and church

10. A call for leaders to step out and be unafraid to tackle problems of corruption.

11. Pray for the integrity of corporate management.

This is just the beginning and these items on my list spark requests in other more specific areas.  The blanket type prayers for our nation will not be enough to ignite the changes America so desperately needs.  I just wanted to encourage my readers to be more specific in the desires for our Country.

Perhaps I need to add 12 to the list:  “Father God, send America some modern day Elijahs.”  James 5:17 claims that Elijah was a “man subject to like passions as we are. . .” He had no magical power.  What Elijah had was a heart to see God’s glorious work performed in a wicked nation.  Through him we see that the “. . .effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  So I pray that righteous persons—men and women—will rise to action at the Throne of God.



(One Cry is also on facebook.  They post encouraging words and encouraging verses two or three times a day.  As a disclaimer, I want to let you know that the One Cry videos do not always have music of which I approve IMO.)



  1. Bo

    Thanks for the list. My heart has been along these same lines as well. May God’s Spirit move in all His peoples’ heart to this end.

  2. My second son reminded us when given the opportunity to preach that we should pray for our judges, because they often determine precedents. Judges ruled Israel for a time, and to some degree, they are acting as rulers in our country, so we need to pray that God would grant them wisdom as well as a good dose of godly fear/reverence, which is the beginning of wisdom.

    • Yes, I try to pray for the SCOUS regularly and by name. However, I don’t know the names of my local judges. Shame on me. I do know one judge in a neighboring county because he is a former student of mine! He is convinced that Christians should be more involved in the courts. Good for him!

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