Working Together Separately

Who is Kohath?  What about Merari and Gershom?  Those names are rather peculiar and if you suppose them to be Bible names, you would be correct.

Although I have read the Bible through many times, every reading seems to glean something I’ve never before noticed.That is why it is important to just keep reading it.  After all, Jesus affirmed that by His words, we are clean.  John 15:3 says, “Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.”  A college teacher once told us in a class to look at reading the Bible as if it is a glass that had held milk being washed clean just by sitting it under running tap water.  Thank you, Mr. Brady.  I have never forgotten that illustration.

Presently I am in Numbers.  The book of Numbers is packed with little nuggets of inspiration.  I am adding a new category to this blog and will be sharing some of these nuggets as I make my way through the Bible this year.  I have titled it, “Bible Inspire.”  It will be as if you are peeking in my journal.

God gave Moses detailed instructions on building and transporting the Tabernacle and as I peruse, it seems almost tedious to read.  One by one various artisans put the curtains, roof, poles, boards, sockets, candlesticks, incense holders, tables, and etc all at their own point of construction.  When they brought it all together, Moses appointed three men in particular to put it all together.  From that point on, they were put in charge of those parts.  As far as we know, it all fit together without struggle. Oh, their names were Kohath, Merari, and Gershom.

In the family, and in the church, God assembles us separately, but we all fit together.  The component piece is this:  everyone has to do separately what he is designed to do.  When one element is out of place, the function is hindered.

My daily goal for many years has been this:  to be at the right place, at the right place, to do the right thing. In order to accomplish this goal, I must walk in the presence of the Shepherd.

What are you gleaning from God’s Word?  Please feel welcome to share.



  1. How true, the vessel becomes cleansed inside first, then the deck is scrubbed clean, for our Wonderous Creator to walk the earth Our Lord and King.

    • Remember when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet? That daily cleaning is ever so important and too often neglected.

  2. Good one!!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  3. Thank you your post. It is very topical for me. I’m consulting with a church now where there is division among the leadership & the church is suffering as a result. Would to God that everyone would understand & relish in their roles!

    • Brother Stith, I am glad that what inspired me was a blessing to you. I often pray as I push the “publish” button: “Lord, if you can use this to help someone, please do.” I wanted to add to the post, but didn’t see how to incorporate, the fact that while being a part of a solid, fundamental church is important, it is important too, to be doing what we do best everyday. Whether I am riding the bus or singing in the choir, it is all important to God’s plan. Doing both is important. God gave us all different gifts so we can work in harmony.

  4. Glenda

    I have also read through the Bible several times, and you are SO right about the “new” treasures we find, as we open our hearts and minds to His Word! Right now, my morning devotion includes a passage from the New Testament in addition to a chapter from Proverbs, and the wisdom in those books is profound! Thank you for reminding us of the importance of EVERY person in God’s family!

    • I am keeping my New Year’s recolution. In the past couple of years I’ve read where I wanted too, and skipped what I thought was tedius. All of the Bible is important and I was arrogant to choose to leave part of it out. For some reason, this year it has been so special–all of it! Might the obedience part that makes it extra special!

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