A little lesson I learned this moring while playing with my granddaughter.

Kamryn’s mommy makes hairbows and Kamryn has cute hair do’s most of the time.  This morning, however, Kamryn and I played together and my daughter did errands while the two older boys had music lessons.  Kamryn’s hair was tangled so I gently suggested we brush her hair.  She has beautiful baby curls that tangle easily.   I promised her that I would be gentle but it might pull once in awhile.

She sat patiently and didn’t complain.  I was almost done when she wanted to brush it herself.  She was not as gentle.  “Ouch, it hurts!” she exclaimed.  Then very seriously she handed the brush back to me and said, “Nana do it.”

How often do I struggle with a snarl?  The problem hurts.  I hand the brush to God and say, “Father, you do it.”  Life is not without tangles.  Our Father stands by knowing His gentle leading will solve the problem; but He waits until we surrender.

“Quench not the Spirit.”   The Holy Spirit does not force His way into our lives.  We must invite Him.





  1. Glenda

    What a wonderful lesson, again! Yes, we MUST turn our needs over to the One Who has all the answers. I think of the verse of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”–“Oh, what peace we often forfeit, oh, what needless pain we bear; all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer!” Thank you for this needful reminder!

    • And the Holy Spirit is gentle. When we attack our problems, we injure ourselves! Too many people are actually afraid of God because they have observed that God is a harsh taskmaster. That just is NOT so!

  2. Jessica Chicas

    Nice post, such a sweet illustration too!

  3. Very True. Great way of seeing in your life how the Spirit of God works. I have had many tangles that when given time which God gives becomes untangled giving meaning and understanding, instead of forcing the issue. But again I am not perfect and sometimes I battle, falling short, but am picked up as God brushes me off with skinned knees and says don’t give up. So I love God even more for his gracious hand and love.

  4. May I reblog??

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  6. Selah

    Blessed by this lesson… Thanks for sharing

  7. And how often to we hang on to the brush, no matter how much it hurts, saying “I can do it myself!”

    • Regretfully true. At least Kamryn was smart enough to stop, knowing Nana was a bit more gentle, and knew how to do it. Childlikeness is valuable too.

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