Handicap Rails

Six years ago I purchased this house from the family of an elderly woman who had lived in the house for about thirty years.  Annie was 98 years old when she passed away.  She was mother to 13 children who took care of her tenderly.  How do I know?  The bathroom is equipped with handicap bars; both the front and back doors have handicap rails. Even the bathroom commode is a “highboy” installed for ease of use.

However, the handicap bar beside the front door did not keep me from a fall recently.  Of course, it was my fault.  I didn’t use it!  An ever so thin coat of ice took me down before I could grab the handicap bar.  No bones broken and only a wounded pride occurred.  The first thing I did was to see if anyone was watching.  The bar was sure handy for pulling myself back to a standing position; that’s for sure.

Christians would be wise to use those familiar verses that are in every Bible memory program I have seen.  Verses such as “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee” (Psalm 56:3) and “I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me” (Philippians 4:13 and “Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another. . .” (Ephesians 4:32) are really like those safety bars installed for protection.

As we mature in the Christian walk, we tend to search for new answers; yet, the answers are the ones hidden in the heart by memory.  What is so powerful about the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17) is that it meets our needs at all levels of maturity. Whether you are new in your walk with God, or seasoned, God’s Word will keep you from falling.



  1. Glenda

    Well, from a purely human point of view, I am happy that you have those rails handy, even if you do not always choose to use them. When Byron Walker installed a rail on our porch, it was mainly because of Margaret’s physical weaknesses, but since developing degenerative disk disease, I can tell you that the rail has been a HUGE help to me!!

    Now, on to the spiritual implications of your post, I will confess that I am human, and will sometimes try to go “on my own” when I should know better!! I’m so thankful for God’s graciousness toward me, but sometimes I can see him, in my mind’s eye, just shaking his head as if to say, “Why didn’t you ask me for help?” Thank you again for a great reminder!

    • I have never had much athlectic skill or balance. The older I achieve, the more I even LOOK for hand rails! Seems it is also easier to calmly say to the Savior, “Now, I’m going to need some help here. . . “

  2. Remembering to ask God for help, and then trusting His answer! WOW! What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing : )

    • Thank you. Trusting His answer is as important as trusting Jesus in the first place, isn’t it? Your comment is special!

  3. Good point. And I’m relieved you weren’t seriously hurt.

  4. Your style is so unique compared to other people I have read stuff from.

    Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.

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