Reservations for Two – (book review)

Reservations for Two, by Anne Patrick, ©2010 Kindle Direct Publishing Edition is a rather benign, lukewarm story of romance in advancing years.

In my opinion, many readers would never finish the book because the end is very predictable.  Since I dislike not finishing a job, I trudged through it all to the end.  What makes the book unique is that the main characters are in the sixties and both widowed.  That is what grabbed me to get the book downloaded from a free offer in the first place.  The main character is Maggie O’Brien, a former pastor’s wife.  Yet, she is not exactly what one would expect.  I kept wanting her to mellow some, but she never did slow down.  Of course, as expected, her romance is with a retired man, and unexpectedly, a retired judge who is traveling across America in a RV.  Opposites do attract.

The story setting is in New Mexico at a Bed and Breakfast where Maggie has a vacation planned to relive a honeymoon 39 years old.  She hopes to find closure three years past her pastor-husband’s death.  Curiosity keeps a reader going, but not suspense.  The romance is normal; yet cute.  Entanglements with family members bring interest to the story.

This is a harmless story and what I would describe as a weekend read.  If a reader is looking for something light for a vacation, weekend, or an in-bed with the flu read, this could very well keep interest without burdening the brain to remember lots of details.  This book will not become a classic.  It was free on Kindle and what I describe as “fluffy fiction” to while away time waiting in a dentist office or waiting for a number to be called at the DMV.

I award it 2 ½ stars in a range of 5 being best.

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  1. Doesn’t sound like my kind of story, unless I’m looking for a no-brainer 🙂

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