I need advice!

Fellow wordpress users, and my wonderful followers, I need some input.  In the last two weeks I have faced a new procedure on some posts.  I wonder if some of you are facing the same problem.

Some posts are just fine with no difficulty to post a comment or a “like” while others are a, well, pain in the, well, tush.  It must be a setting thing and if my posts are difficult to post a comment to, or to like, I want to know.

For instance, I read “Morning Coffee and Dilbert” almost every day.  Recently, if I am not already logged in, when I attempt to select “like” I get a message that a pop up is not allowed.  So, I allow the pop up, and then, I get the log in box.  Once I am logged in, I have to select “like” again.

However, when I read “Linda’s Bible Study” I can go directly to the log in and select “like” or comment with not much adieu.

Then, I have one blog that posts only occasionally that now posts all comments into my e mail before I even read the post itself!  I usually read comments from my e mail.  Chris Allman, you get lots of comments!  I’m jealous.

If any of these things are happening to people reading my posts, please let me know and someone also, please let me know what to do!  If the problem were consistent, it sure would be easier to solve.

I sure am thankful that I can depend on the fact that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever!  Hebrews 13:8



  1. Glenda

    I have had no problems with posting comments on your blog, except for the one time when they put my comment into the Spam filter!!! Anyway, you caught that one right away, and it has not happened any more. If it does, I’ll be sure to let you know. My sister uses Blogger instead of WordPress, and I prefer the format of your blog much more. Blogger will ask me to sign in after several messages, but WordPress never does!

    Oh, and Chris Allman has MANY followers because of his varied careers and the fact that he is now singing in one of the most popular Gospel trios! The surprising thing to me would be if nobody ever commented on any of his blogs. I always enjoy reading the comments that other people make on yours AND his entries. Keep it up as long as you can, please! 🙂

    • Thanks Glenda for responding. I knew I could count on you. I’ll follow Nick’s advice and check my reader. I bet I need to uncheck something. I’d really like to read the post BEFORE the comments! At least, hand it to me, I made a “life lesson” out of my request! So thankful for my unchanging Jesus.

  2. I have no problems with leaving “likes” and comments, but I am always logged in to WordPress, it’s my default setting. (I use Firefox, what browser are you in? I think that can sometimes make a difference.)
    I also have had to go back and edit the “Blogs I Follow” list in the Reader; I prefer not to have my email flooded with new post and comments notifications, and some blogs turn those “ON” when you follow them, I have to turn that “OFF” individually for each.
    BTW I love “Morning Story and Dilbert” too! I’m a long-time Dilbert fan, so the vintage strips are pleasant re-discoveries, and the little stories are priceless!

    • Thank you Nick. I use Internet Explorer but have downloaded Google Chrome for file storage. I am such a creature of habit. And I bet you are correct on the Allman blog, something on the reader needs to be changed. I usually log in to wordpress on the first blog I read, but maybe I should change that and log into mine first, then read. I use the reader only when I get hopelessly behind! Thanks for the encouragment. I like the Dilbert too, and always read it and sometimes even mention it in a comment. Since I have worked in a “cube world” I understand it well!

  3. I stay signed in to wordpress, too–haven’t noticed any peculiarities…yet. 😀 I have been using G-chrome after having several issues with IE about 2 years ago…my daughter gave me a lecture on it btw…and haven’t been back to IE (use Firefox on occasion 🙂 ). I do have issues with wordpress reader and some other quirky things with wordpress–just not anything recent. And…Kenny’s blog…a big fan 😀 but I have to lay off of it for a while until I get my emotions in check again 🙂 . You know I started following you from his blog… Take care and have a blessed week! 😀 – Amy

    • Thank you for your input. I read Kenny’s blog after my Bible reading time almost every day. We have many kindred spirits among his readers. He does put a “Kleenex Alert” on the top of ones he figures might apply now. That’s cute. Have a great week–I spend extra time in the week prior to Easter reminding myself of the price Jesus paid, even though my human mind just does not wrap around it as well as I’d like it too.

  4. Karyl, I hope you’re solving your difficulties. I haven’t noticed any problems at all so far.

    • As far as I can tell from responses my site is not having any difficulties. No one mentioned any problems getting on or posting to my site. I have some challenge with a couple of blogsites I visit but evidentally it is THEIR site setting making it a little more challenging. Blogspot is not one of my favotie sites to comment on because of that box that says, Prove you are not a robot. As long as I know people can post and like my site to their heart’s content, I am happy. Thanks for asking, Linda.

      • You can probably tell I’m trying to catch up on my blog-reading. Way behind! Glad you got the answers you needed.

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