How long has it been since you have played with Play-Doh?  If you have a young grandchild as I have, probably not so long ago.  I had three cans on my game shelf and brought them out today to see if they were any good.  It had been a year since the grandchildren played with it.  The new plastic containers are tightly sealed and two of the three cans were still very pliable.  Never mind, the colors were mixed, Kamryn and I did not mind.

We rolled, and pinched the stuff to our heart’s delight.  Kamryn is nearly three years old and already has a wonderfully active imagination.  We made snakes, mice for the snakes to eat, snowmen, and of course, cookies.  Kamryn has been longing for the day I let her play with her mother’s tea set.  Today was the day.  We had cookies and tea.  Play-Doh cookies of course, and imaginary tea.

When she left for home, I had a very lonely feeling all of a sudden.  After I cleaned up our play area and put the folding table away, I stopped to look at the newspaper ad, and absently licked my finger to turn a page.  YUK!  Play-Doh leaves a terribly bitter taste behind!  It’s a good thing Kamryn and I pretended to eat those cookies and never took a bite!

Well, this set me to thinking about bitter things mentioned in the Bible.  My memory wasn’t very sharp on isolating a verse so I used my e-Sword to find some verses.  Isaiah 5:20 gives a wonderful lesson on bitter.  It says: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that count darkness as light, and light as darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter” Perhaps Hasbro, the makers of Play-Doh, put in a bitter taste so that children would not eat it.  It certainly looks harmless, and it is a child’s play thing, after all.  One thing I do know is that here in this verse we have a serious warning about those who reverse the natural into unnatural. Woe.  If all the people around us try to make the evil into good, the darkness, into light, and the bitter into sweet, it will be wrong.  Beware of participating.  It will leave a bitter taste that lingers.

And always thoroughly wash your hands after playing with Play-Doh!


Play-Doh™ is a registered trademark.  I did not give recognition on every use of the word, however.  We should be careful about using trademarks and copyrights.  I wanted the trademark symbol in the title but WordPress was not user friendly for me.  It is probably there, I just didn’t take the time to find it!




  1. Glenda

    …and never rub your eyes after working with peppers! 🙂 Seriously, this is a very thoughtful post, and we should all be aware of the trends in society that tend to gloss over God’s words about sin. It saddens me to see all the things that we are expected to accept these days, just because somebody’s survey says they lead to a happier life. God wrote the rule book, and there will be unhappy consequences for those who do not pay attention. Thank you for another good reminder!

  2. Great verse!

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