The Thermostat is Stuck

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”  II Corinthians 5:7

As you know, I find life far more interesting if we can look at it through the lens of God’s Word.  This, however, is not a lesson I observed from Hank, my hamster.  (Although one is simmering.)  This time it is my car.

Since my days are numbered, due to macular degeneration, that I will be able to drive, I am trying my best to keep my 2000 Mercury functioning.  This morning I started out for the dentist and turned around and came back home.  The engine thermostat was reading in the very high range.  Mysteriously it has been staying in the same midway position, but this move to the right did not look good.  Ten miles might just be too far to risk an overheated engine.

My patient son-in-law looked at it, added a little coolant, checked the water pump (recently replaced) and took it for a drive.  He determined that the thermostat sensor has gone bad.  I drove the boys to band practice, to the pet shop, and back home and the needle stayed in the hot position.  The thermostat is lying.

Gary said “You can drive it, it will be okay.”

I look at the gauge and think, “Well, if you say so.”

God says, “_____________” (Fill in the blank)

I (and you) say, taking a gulp, “If YOU say so.”

Sometimes we have to not only walk by faith, we have to drive by faith. It is unsettling to not know when you can know. I believe my mechanic will be replacing something—somewhere—sometime—and in the meantime, I’ll ride the bus whenever I can.  Back to my mission field on public transportation.  That is also a walk of faith




  1. Great challenge. “Yes, God, if You say so. . .”

  2. Glenda

    Yes, we must trust the “mechanic,” but that is not always easy, when our human eyes and brain see another side of the picture! Thank you for the reminder.

    As an aside to your article, we had an experience a couple of weeks ago with our 2000 Buick, when it would suddenly die in the middle of driving a few short miles. I would press the accelerator, only to see the panel lights come on, meaning the car was no longer running. I would be able to restart it and go on, but without knowing that it was going to do the same thing a few more yards or miles away. The mechanic thought we needed a new fuel pump, but that checked out all right, so he just did some cleaning in the engine and it runs fine now. The interesting thing to us is that, when we test drove the car before purchasing it 3 1/2 years ago, we noticed a roaring noise on the pavement, which the car salesman said was because of the type of tires that were on the car. Even though we have bought new tires since then, the roar continued, and we were used to it and didn’t think anything about it. When the mechanic drove the car, though, he noticed it and said we had a bad wheel bearing, so we got that fixed, and guess what….no more roaring on the pavement!!! Now, I know that bad wheel bearings can cause trouble at some point down the line, and I’m just marveling at the way we have driven the car for 40,000 miles, including some LONG trips, without any trouble. I’m also realizing that God probably allowed this other thing to happen so that we would get the car checked out and discover that bad bearing before we got on another long trip, which was this past weekend. Even though that repair was around $250, at least it was while we were home, just a mile away from the mechanic’s shop, instead of being 150 miles away from anyone we knew!!!! Yes, we simply MUST trust the “mechanic,” whatever life sends our way!

  3. Thanks for the comment and testimony Glenda. God knows every detail and sees it all, even though we don’t. You know the times that you don’t know why you did what you did where you did, only to find out later you were spared misery, even injury. When the Bible says, from God, “I will guide thee with mine eye” He means it. 🙂

    • Glenda


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