“For I know him. . .”

Something on my heart about the Boston terrorist attack.

I have an old greeting card box in a narrow drawer of my desk ensemble that holds what I call my tickle file.  It is filled with mostly quarter sheets of scrapped paper (I can’t get myself to throw away a sheet of paper that is empty on one side) that has a single idea written on each piece.  Some days I have a writing idea but no time to develop it.  The idea goes into that greeting card box.  So, this afternoon I dug into that box.

Genesis chapters18 and 19 are actually a continuing narrative about Abraham’s encounter with angels.  Someday I would like to see and talk with my angel guardian but I don’t suppose I’ll get to do that this side of Heaven.  That aside, in context the angels brought the news of the pending birth of Isaac, then it is as if they stand around and just visit.  What an interesting time in which Abraham lived!  The angels proceed to Sodom and of course, Abraham is concerned for his nephew Lot.  Abraham intercedes on behalf of Sodom. If you don’t know what happens, just read it! Even if you know the outcome, reading it will confirm once again how serious God is about blatant sin.

Now, in application, I want to just look at the four words in the title of this little homily.  It is revealed in verse 17 that the person speaking is the Lord.  God said of Abraham, “For I know him. . .”  Thinking of the events of the Boston terrorist attack yesterday, with confidence I can say, there undoubtedly have to be some, at least a few, of the population of that vast crowd of whom God could say, “For I know him. . .”  God had confidence in Abraham.  The rest of Genesis 18:19 gives assurance that Abraham would be faithful in establishing the Hebrew nation.  He would be faithful rearing his children and household, and keep the way of the Lord.

It is certainly my prayer that among the fearful in Boston, among the seekers, among the healers, there will be some who are holding hands, giving hope, loving touches.  For several days God has impressed me that I need to pray that people in our nation will have a yearning to know the truth of God’s Word.  In addition, I have been praying that the Lord of the harvest will also be sending forth those who are willing to share the Truth. It is my hope that the ones whom God knew would carry the Gospel to seeking people would work in Boston this week.

This terrorist event is just such a time.


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  1. Glenda

    Amen! And we must make sure that WE know HIM!

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