Boast not. . .

Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Let another man’s lips praise thee, and not thine own mouth: a stranger’s and not thine own lips.  Proverbs 27:1-2 

My father-in-law, Earl Entner, was a sweet-natured man who loved the Lord with all his heart.  He was witty, and he was wise.  Best of all, he depended on the Word of God for his wisdom.  He was quick to correct a person if upon parting that person might say, “I’ll see you soon” with “If the Lord wills, we’ll see each other soon.”  We were traveling in a caravan on a trip and he was separated from the rest of us.  That was in the days before cell phones.  He went on to the destination and when we met up together, guess what he said—of course, “The Lord willed that we should reach this place together.”  It makes me smile to remember it even now.

In my youth group days my youth director would urge public testimonies from us by reminding us that Christians should be “Ready to pray, preach, or die in a moment’s notice.”  For some reason I have never forgotten that quip either.  I am more apt to say at parting, “Here, there, or in the air.” My place, your place, or in the Rapture. I thought that often when my daughter and family were oceans apart and I am sure many a military family lives day to day with that on their hearts.

It is a good thing to make plans and set goals.  Day planners and calendars of appointments on our desk top computer keep us organized.  In our planning, we must not leave out the element that we may think we have the perfect plan only to find that God wants us someplace else and sure enough, God will get us to where He needs us to be.  From time to time the plan changes are so subtle in God’s working that we are bewildered and think, “How did that happen?”

“Plan your work and work your plan” is a motto that is worthy.  Plan your work, and work your plan as God wills it, is very worthy.  We do not know what a day may bring forth of sadness, sorrow, suffering, satisfaction, or silliness.  The population of Boston was brought to a halt last week.  Only two people had planned to bring such havoc.  Evil persists in our world.  Wicked men continue to be used to bring fear.  The result can be fear that is overwhelming; or it can bring people face to face with eternity and the choices they make.  It is a choice.  Evil or righteousness.  I remind you once again of the words of King Solomon, “Boast not thyself of tomorrow . . .”


Reader, if you are uncertain of your eternity, please contacts me: and I will be more than happy to answer your questions right from the Word of God.





  1. Glenda

    I’m sure most of us could give instances of times when God changed OUR plans, and in many cases, we’ll never know why they were changed, but we just have to trust God to know what’s ahead for us and how we will be able to use HIS plan to glorify HIM! Thank you for another great reminder of how our Shepherd cares for us, even without our conscious knowledge. You may remember that Pastor Koster would say that we need to be sure that we’re paid up and prayed up because we never know when our life here will end. Truth!!

    • Yes, I do remember Pastor K saying that. I had another post written but it is on hold. God grabbed my heart with this last week with Boston bombing. Life is short, a poster reads, but eternity is long.

      • Glenda

        Yes, I have seen that one. It’s a shame that many people do not look beyond this life, even when we try to let them know that there is something else to consider. Breaks my heart for some of my friends, who are very “good” people but just do NOT believe God is Who He says He is.

  2. Good one, Karyl. I’m trying to catch up a bit tonight. This post is certainly thought-provoking.

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