Hank and Hedges

Another something to learn from my pet hamster, Hank.

All four ounces of Hank are stubborn.  Reading materials have told me that hamsters don’t feel a love attachment to their human owners.  Hank may not love me, but he sure can beg!  When he sees me outside the cage he sits up all cute on his hind legs and knows I’ll give in with a raisin or walnut.  Hank is tame as can be and although he doesn’t beg to be held, he doesn’t seem to mind.

This week, in the four months he has been in my home, Hank refused to sleep in his little hamster hut.  He now prefers to build his own nest.  When I cleaned his habitat, I moved the food dish and water container.  Don’t move the furniture!  Poor Hank was confused.  Now, he decided if the food was going to be somewhere else, he would sleep somewhere else.  Hank definitely has a mind of his own.

I wonder, when I go off to “do my own thing” if my Heavenly Father shakes His head slightly and knows what I am doing is not best, but allows me the freedom to learn on my own.  Like the boundaries of Hank’s habitat, I am thankful for the hedge of protection God gives me.  It is no safer for me to leave that hedge than it is for Hank to wander outside of his protection.  I let him out to play but I keep a watchful eye on him so he does not get hurt or lost.  God does the same for us.  God has told us in His Word, “. . . I will guide thee with Mine eye.”  Psalm 32:8




  1. Glenda

    Another great “Hank” lesson! It is interesting that, even though we are “intelligent” human beings, we so often seem to lack the wisdom needed to obey our Heavenly Father. He always watches over us, though, and allows us to stub our toes sometimes before we realize that we have wandered out “on our own” and ended up out of His will. I guess even us two-legged critters are creatures of habit at times, but sometimes God wants us to get out of our comfort zone and go somewhere where He will show us His love and protection. Thank you again for a good lesson. I wonder whether Hank knows what a good preacher he is… 🙂

  2. I just love “The Adventures of Hank!” Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  3. Hank has turned into a treasure chest, hasn’t he 🙂

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