Light dispells Darkness in Haiti, a very modern story of a witchdoctors’s funeral as it happened yesterday, April 25

I have been following a blog by a missionary in Haiti.  I have never met her, but I do know the nurse who works in a clinic who is friends with her.  At the nurse’s gentle urging by posting the blogs, I joined the readers.  We “know” in our heads how Haiti is infiltrated and given over to the devil.  We know that as a “fact” and move along in our own little world.  Once you read this account of this funeral, and the part the missionary plays (Matt) you will never look at it in the same light.  If it does not touch your heart, you are just really very cold.
The son of the withdoctor, Junior, has been in several of the blogs, and it is easy to reverse the reading on blogs and catch up on details.

This link should take you to the blog.

If this puts you in a position to pray for these dedicated missionaries, please let them know, and I’d kind of like to know if posting this made a difference to you, too.


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  1. Glenda

    Thank you for sharing this account with us, Karyl. Darkness is indeed rampant, even in our “enlightened” country of the United States, but the true Light will always find a way to shine into people’s hearts if they will allow it. We must be willing to share that Light with those who need to see it!

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