As those of you who read this blog often know, I lost my little black hamster named Hank.  I really did love that little rodent!  Although I knew, like any pet, he could not be replaced, I bought another hamster.  It was a girl, the shop said, and another “panda” with a coat of spots and head of black.

I did not officially name her until I could see a pattern of personality.  Sad to say, she did not live but two days in my care.  Why?  She refused to eat.  She did not touch her food dish.  She starved to death.

Because I had purchased the health agreement from the pet shop, I gently picked up her fragile little body, put it in the original box, and took her back to the shop.  The shop determined that she may have been sick at time of purchase but no one could know that.  I brought home a little honey-colored golden boy hamster.  He is eating hardy, running miles and miles on the wheel, and is already easy to handle.

Christians who eat a bite here and a bite there grow skinny and fragile.  They look to be fine on the outside; they even appear active.  They attend church and church events.  Inside, however, they are spiritually malnourished.  They do not find the food dish of God’s Word.  It is available and full to overflowing with everything they need.

It certainly is my wish that “Honey” hamster is with me now for a very long time.  He is already a “Honey” in my observations.



  1. Glenda

    Sorry the little girl didn’t want to eat enough to stay healthy, whatever the reason. I’ll join you in hoping that Honey will be with you for a good, long time! Thank you also for the analogy of starving Christians. It’s very easy to get caught up in the busyness of church function, while losing out on the TRUE depth of the meat of the Word. We must be watchful, as Satan likes to distract us from true worship!

    • Most preachers would be offended if I let them know that the church services are like a snack. My REAL food from the Word comes each day as I read it for my personal needs and worship.

  2. We fostered a fawn once, when we were still in Minnesota. She was bred for a petting zoo, and needed to be separated from her mother before she was weaned. We fed her from bottles, petted her, and loved her. Her name was Pretzel. It wasn’t long before she would follow us to the tree stump we sat on to feed her, bumping us with her head and pushing at the bottles. She was a beautiful little thing. Then we moved here, and the petting zoo took her back. She missed us so much that she refused to eat, and she died very quickly. I don’t remember feeling so sad about anything like that before. It’s amazing how you can develop an attachment to an animal. I hope Honey is with you for a very long time 🙂

    • Such a little bit of a thing becomes so much company it is quite amazing. Unlike many people, I enjoy hearing the squeaking and noise of the wheel. It means my pet is healthy and busily occupied. I raised a fawn when I was in high school and because it was against the law to keep it penned, he gradually weaned himself from us, but periodically came back for visits.

  3. Honey! What a sweet name…PUN intended! I hope he runs till he needs a new wheel…I’ll even buy him one. And I’m glad you now have a healthy friend.

    • Thanks Katie. The wheel is noisy but it is a music to my ears to hear my happy hamster. He is also a good eater and has already eaten most of a “chew” piece that is meant to keep the teeth shortened. He really is a sweetie, like his name.

  4. As an addendum: I had “Spot” only two days and because she refused to eat, died, yet I drew an observation from her so it was not in vain, I guess. She was also very little while Honey is about five or six weeks old and is better weaned. Live and learn. Kaden’s little “Jack” is also a golden hamster so these two are sort of like cousins. That’s what Kaden decided.

  5. Karyl, it was a shock to read about “Spot.” Only two days! I am SO glad you didn’t let that get you down or pull you back to the point you wouldn’t try again. Blessings on you and Honey for a long time to come!

    • I am smiling, Jessica. Honey is doing fine so far. He eats like a piggy, drinks, is active all night, and zonks out during the day! Honey is acting, well, like a hamster! Honey will probably make an appearance on this space soon. Thank you for your comment. I hope Tim is doing okay. Praying for him, often.

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