Honey Hamster

Honey and I are beginning to bond.  Here is post #1 of others to come!

I know, I should learn how to insert pictures.  I have not taken a picture of Honey yet because sometimes he is difficult to see.  He is that little piece of fluffy fur curled up in his favorite sleeping corner.  I named him “Honey” because he is honey colored, a solid coat with no spots.  He and I are in a period of adjustment.

Uncle Bill’s Pet Center is very firm about not feeding hamsters anything other than the seed category.  Walnuts are seeds.  Since I tamed Hank by offering him walnut slices, I thought Honey might do the same.  Ah, Honey can be bribed!  After only two days of offering Honey a walnut sliver, he is already “asking” for a treat.

Jack, my grandson’s hamster, Hank, my former hamster, and Honey are just like people:  they all have a different personality.  Jack likes to escape.  In fact, he escaped last week—again.  This time he munched on Kevin’s music!  Hank liked security.  Honey builds a sleeping nest that is sky high!  He keeps piling up the bedding into one corner; then he sleeps on top of it.  Jack buries himself in his exterior wheel.  Hank liked his hut.

I like them all:  Jack, Hank, Honey.  God made us all with our unique likes and dislikes.  Even identical twins, I am told, have a unique and different finger print.  What is absolutely astounding is that God knows all about us on an individual basis.  God knows us better than we know ourselves. Psalm 139:2 tells me that “. . . Thou understandest my thoughts afar off.”

I look at my pet and wonder, “What is he thinking?”  God looks at me and says, “I know what Karyl is thinking.”  I uniquely belong to God; God belongs uniquely to me.  I know Him as my Savior.  Do you?


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  1. Glenda

    You know, the thing that always amazes me is that, even though God knows all about me, He loves me anyway! Sometimes, I don’t even like myself, but He always does!

    I love hearing about all the hamsters that have been, or are still, in your life! Pets all have unique personalities, and we learn to accept them. Wonder why we can’t accept other people the same way….

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