Comatose Honey

Have you ever been in such a deep slumber as a Christian that people watching you might not even know you belonged to Christ?  You didn’t pray, or read your Bible, or tell anyone about Jesus.  You went to church.  You sang.  You smiled.  But, inside, you were comatose.  Here’s a “Honey Hamster” story for you.

When Honey sleeps he is nearly comatose.  Really.  I never noticed that about Hank because Hank mostly slept in his little hamster hut made of twine.  Honey tried sleeping under his log hideout but that lasted only a day or two. He likes his corner.  I have never seen him in action but if I level his corner when I clean the habitat, it take about two days and he has his bed all made again.  He piles that bedding up high and burrows down into it.

Since it has been warmer, he sleeps closer to the top and for all the world, he looks dead.  (I do know, now, what a dead hamster looks like.)  He is barely breathing and with his longer teddy bear kind of coat, his breathing is not detectable.  If I stand and stare at him, he must feel my eyes because all of a sudden he will raise his head, glare at me momentarily and sigh.  Yes, sigh.  Then he once again closes his eyes and resumes his comatose state.

I wish that I could positively say I have never been a comatose Christian.  That would be a lie.  There have been a few times when I dismayed friends but when they showed that they cared, I glared at them and hoped they would go away.  Those loving people that God has allowed in my pathway backed off.  They prayed.  They wrote me a little note to encourage me.  And they were waiting when I came out of semi-hibernation.  They fed me little treats from God’s Word much the same as I feed Honey a sliver of walnut.

Before I knew it, those dear friends and loved ones had me running on the hamster wheel of life full speed ahead.  Just the same as Honey will do about 10:00 tonight.

How I thank God for those who have stood quietly beside me.  God has blessed me with some really wonderful friends. They have come and gone throughout my many years—some short term, some have moved and I don’t see them often, some are long-lasting encouragers who are still very much a part of my life.

Best of all, Jesus promised to Shepherd me and He has never failed—not even when I glared at Him, He did not go away.  The promise is trustworthy:  “. . .I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”  (Hebrews 13:5)

Honey has my care and presence even when he is in deep slumber.





  1. Glenda

    A few years ago, shortly after I joined Facebook, I realized that people I barely knew were requesting my friendship on that social medium, and I became acutely aware that it can be used for good or evil purposes. I resolved, with the Lord’s help, to use it for Him, and to uplift people who needed a helpful nudge from time to time, or even people who need a spiritual presence in their daily lives. You know that I post Scripture every morning from my daily devotions, but posting that Scripture has become more helpful to me than to my friends! I do get some input from those who tell me that they needed to read a certain passage that day, but I get much more from it than anyone else, I am sure! We must never allow ourselves to become so complacent that we ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for this great reminder!

    • I don’t get down very often, but when I do get discouraged, God has always provided me the right friend at the right time. And I try to be the same to others. Even in church, we may be sitting by someone who is dying inside, but we would never know it from the outside. It is so important to always obey the Holy Spirit.

  2. Roe

    I have felt like going Into a comatose state since being here. Just so much change and so many concerns right at the beginning. I was really very discouraged / depressed last week but it was because I was trying g to carry my burdens instead of casting them on Jesus. There is a very concerning situation here that has put our children in danger, especially Emma-Joy so I wish you would pray for there protectoin.. And for me to remain vigilant in watchfulness.

    • There is a line of difference between being apart and resting awhile and allowing outselves to hibernate. Jesus recommended that we “come apart” but we cannot hide away. Elijah’s cave hideout didn’t really work very well for him either.

  3. Beautiful comparison, Karyl. Thanks.

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