Jehoiada, Jehosheba, and King Joash

This is my lesson for Hickory Creek tomorrow.  You may question:  These are older people, why teach this?  I teach this because it is the Word of God and every part of it is important.  I needed all of the background to make application to Psalm 1.  I hope that you find this nugget of truth helpful too. It is never too late to begin a true walk with the Lord.

II Kings 11, 12 and II Chronicles 24, Psalm 1 

Background:  After the death of King Solomon, son of King David the nation of Israel split.  The Nation was divided over taxation and leadership values.  God had made a covenant promise that only family of David would be kings in Jerusalem.  The Northern part of the kingdom followed someone who was not of the family of David.  So, in 933 BC the capital of the nation, Jerusalem maintained a son of Solomon, Rehoboam and went by the name of Judah.

Lesson Core:In my guesstimate Jehoiada was born sometime during the reign in Judah of good King Asa.  He was a priest who had a position of authority.  He had matured under good kings that followed Asa, and also weathered the ungodly leadership of 2 bad kings.  When King Ahaziah died, the Queen mother, Athaliah took the throne.  To make sure that no son could take the throne, she ordered then all slain!  (Nice grandmother, huh?)

She and her bloody soldiers missed the baby.  His aunt, Jehosheba sneaked baby Joash out of the nursery and took him to the temple.  There, she and her husband, Jehoiada, raised Joash.  On his seventh birthday, Jehoiada had enough of Athaliah’s treachery and idol worship, and crowned little seven-year old Joash King.

Joash walked in the ways of the Lord. (II Kings 12:2)  Joash ordered reconstruction in the Temple and resisted idol worship.  Then something happened.  Jehoiada was 130 years old, and died.  Without the guidance of Jehoiada, Joash soon gave in to the pleas of some of population of Judah, and allowed idol worship.  It appears to me that Joash never made his own value decisions.  He walked in the ways of the Lord because Jehoiada expected it of him.  Joash found pleasure in following a man, a godly man, but it does not appear that he found pleasure to walk in the way of the Lord by his own deliberate choice.

Conclusion:  King Joash died a sad death and without honor.  Woe unto us when we fail to form our own personal convictions.  Psalm 1 is a psalm of contrast.  The first three verses describe a person whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and verses 4 and 5 describe the way of the ungodly.  Verse 6 summarizes:  “For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous:  but the way of the ungodly shall perish.”

Don’t be a Christian in name only.  Be true.  Be true to yourself.  Be true to the Lord.



  1. Glenda

    So many of the kings of Israel and Judah went the way of the world, instead of following after God’s own heart as David did. Even with David’s sins, God still honored him because of his penitent heart. Oh, that we would have the same heart today! Thank you for the history lesson and application.

  2. Truth. Never to old to hear truth.

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