In a moment. . .

Last Wednesday I had the wonder of listening to a retired Navy pilot who flew on and off air craft carriers during the 80’s and 90’s.  He began his presentation with, “I have taken off 784 times successfully, and landed 784 times successfully.  Without that ratio, I wouldn’t be here.”

He went from a pilot to an even more responsible position of “Air Boss” and we saw footage that had been shot for a CBS presentation that had him in the film.  He really did have “bragging rights” and was a delightful speaker who could give many details and hold attention.

As I listened, my curiosity rose on how they get up in the air so quickly without falling in the water.  Of course, he answered my unasked question.  The jet, weighing an enormous, gigantic amount is catapulted by steam pressure.  A single sailor in the belly of that carrier presses a button that sends the plane into the wild blue yonder.  How fast?  Fast!  The jet propels to 180 mph by the distance of 300 feet.  Later, the speaker joined my little table of four with his lunch.  It would not have mattered what I was eating at that point; it was who was eating with us!

“How much time does it take to propel to 180 mph in 300 feet,” I asked.

His response:  “About two seconds.”

As I was returning home, I wondered just how fast are we going to travel out of graves of sundry kinds when Jesus returns?                  I Corinthians 15:52 tells me, “. . . in a moment. . .” What a day that will be when Jesus comes in the sky!  Are you ready?



  1. Glenda

    Sort of makes “0 to 60 in ten seconds” sound insignificant, doesn’t it? That Scripture goes on to say “in the twinkling of an eye,” which is faster than even a blink! Hard to imagine, but thrilling to think about!

  2. Perfect application! I was wondering how you were going to bring this one home, and you did it beautifully, as always 🙂

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