Biblegateway did not pay me to write this!  I want to encourage you to read your Bible everyday and this is one way you can do this via internet.  I will always prefer my “paper” Bible but I see more and more people using electronic Bibles.  However you read the Bible, just read it!  It truly contains God’s Word to each of us personally.

My eyes don’t work as well as they once did so one of the props that I use in Bible study and reading is use of the audio Bible.  At first, I listened via cassette tape.  It was clumsy but helpful.  Then the improvement of Bible on compact disk came along.  That is also helpful.  It is easier, at least, to move from chapter to chapter by locating the track.  I can also pause and not have to relocate.

Now I use my computer and  There is a plethora of versions from which to choose for reading and I think three versions on audio.  Personally, I listen to the dramatized King James Version.  I have heard the personal opinions of some preachers that one should not add interpretation to the reading of scripture for it may interfere with the Holy Spirit.  Maybe because I particularly like interpretive speaking, and not to brag, am fairly good at it, to those preachers I blatantly say, “Hog Wash”  I think that the addition of music, noise of crowds, change of voice for females, change of voice for individuals—are all tools that add to the pleasure of listening to God’s Word. I follow along in my Bible using a magnifier while I listen.

That commercial done, I also want to promote the 21st Century King James Version.  What these Bible scholars did was clarify the construction on verses without adding or taking away from the words.  Each verse in not capitalized if the capitalization breaks up a sentence. They also make pronoun clarification.  Sometimes the KJV writers kept using pronouns too far removed from the antecedent. The reader has to pause and look back as to whom the pronoun is referring.  Sometimes it is three or four verses back!  The 21st Century Bible chooses to clarify by repeating the antecedent for the reader.  I noticed that in Acts 7:2 this morning.  While the KJV uses he (and so does the NIV) the 21st Century KJV repeats Stephen for clarification.

I worked in a Bible Bookstore for two years.  An oft asked question by a customer was “Which Bible do you prefer?”  My reply generally was, “I am a KJV reader.  I have so much of it memorized I am not about to change now.”  The follow up was to question the buyer if the Bible he was looking to buy was for himself or as a gift, and go on from there.  In my heart, I just wanted them to read the Bible.  I wanted them to have a Bible they could treasure over the years.

Do you have a Bible you treasure?  I hope so.

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  1. Glenda

    Well, you know me! I am a KJV person, and keep a “paper” Bible right next to the computer. I do my reading online these days, because it makes it simpler to cut/paste a passage into my first FB status of the day. I do find myself using the concordance from my “regular” Bible, although those resources are available online as well. I have a wonderful study Bible, and it has great helps for connecting events. There is NO substitute for God’s Word, even in today’s modern world!

    • My son in law directed me to e-sword and I downloaded it. (free) I don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it. Might consider that, Glenda. I still use the helps in my Thompson Chain although the font is fairly small. Sometimes I use the line magnifier and magnify again! I would never do that with a newspaper, but don’t think twice about it when it comes to the Book I Love.

      • Glenda

        I am not familiar with that one, but I’ll have to look it up and see if I can download it. It would be great not to have to be online to access it! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  2. Linda Kreger

    I’ll always us my treasured KJV, but I’m certainly not averse to looking into other options. I do like the ESV. And when I teach, I often find myself putting the antecedent in along with the pronoun so that it’s clear. When I write, I always capitalize any noun or pronoun referring to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. It’s a rule I learned and taught for years, and it really helps for clarification.

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