Psalm 33

This is a study I developed two years ago and have used it for study groups.  Since it fits with this week’s celebration of United States Indepencence, I hope it will be a blessing as you read.

Since this Psalm is longer, we will look more deliberately at key verses in the Psalm itself.  The July 4 nearness in time leads us to think more carefully about the Declaration of Independence and the intents of our Founding Fathers when they framed our Country’s statement of freedom.  This leads us directly to verse 12.  But, first, let us look at a simple outline of the Psalm that infuses the truth of verse 12.

Psalm 33 does not have a designated writer/author other than what we know of all the Bible:  it is holy writ, inspired by God’s own hand.  Whomever God used to write these verses for comfort and challenge was a person whom God could entrust with solemn truths.  Repeatedly through the Bible we are exhorted to rejoice.

The Psalm starts with rejoicing and command to rejoice!

Truth 1:  Rejoicing is a mark of a blest people.  “. . .praise is comely (attractive) for the upright.”  In other words, God’s people are attracted to sounds of praise and adoration.  Notice, too, that often it is accompanied with musical instruments.  “. . .sing unto him a new song. . .” described the Believer who is discovering new things about God.


Truth 2:  Everything about God is Truth.  “. . .all his works are done in truth. . .”  Here we see that God does not work in the negative;  God works in the positive.  Further, “. . .the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.”  The bird’s song, a majestic sunset painted in the western sky, the roar of Niagara Falls, and the brightness of a bloom are all the handiwork of God.


Truth 3:  Verse 10 carries a powerful promise:  “The Lord bringeth the counsel of the heathen to naught. . .” When we are ready to throw our hands up in defeat, remember that what the wicked are planning will fall apart.  Even when it appears to unravel at our feet, God knows, He cares, and He controls.


Truth 4:  Blessings are abundant in so many ways for the

“. . .nation whose God is the Lord. . .” There are choices who each individual citizen will determine is his God.  His god might be material things, or it can be the Lord.  God leaves the choice to individuals.  Yet, collectively, God blesses the nation who puts trust in God as Lord and not in power of weaponry or leadership of mere men.  The trust must be in God as the Head of State.


Psalm 33 is a reminder of how much God loves his prized creation:  mankind.  His desire to show us through the majesty of creation and the display of Truth that collectively, Christians need to act responsibly to create a nation whose God is the Lord.


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