“. . .more than the sand. . .”

Someone in my family left a bag of playground sand in my back yard. It isn’t bothering anything, but I thought it should be moved into my shed. Looking at that 40 pound bag, I wondered how many grains of sand might be in just that one small bag. My mind wandered to the population that God promised to Abraham and I had a momentary “wow” thought. (Genesis 12:1-3)

This evening as I read Psalm 139 in preparation for a Bible study group in the morning, my eyes did a sudden stop. Verse 18 states that God’s thoughts of us are like the sand! I know that David often spoke and wrote in hyperbole, but this is still another “wow” moment for me. God thinks about me. His thoughts are like counting grains of sand—astounding.

If you have been feeling as if no one thinks about you, stop and read Psalm 139. Delight in the words of David. Absorb the love found there. This world is so transient. What is our life time of seventy years, and maybe a little more compared to eternity? Soaking in Psalm 139 will chase away the “poor ole me blues.”



  1. Glenda

    Wonderful thoughts! Thanks for another great reminder of God’s love for us!

  2. Another favorite counseling passage, along with Jeremiah 29:11-14. God thinks about me. Amazing.

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