Red, Yellow, Black, White, All are Precious

I admit it. This is a “soapbox” post. If you are a Christian, speak up on this issue! Let’s live according to the principle of God’s Word “in honor preferring one another” and quit the bickering.

Finally, after more than a fill of talk about racism and the Zimmerman case, I am going to speak. Why? Tonight, I was peacefully eating a sandwich, fries, and a soft drink when the television in the restaurant broadcast a familiar voice. It was President Obama. He spoke of the Martin-Zimmerman case as if the only ethnic group in America that was treated poorly was the Negro population. He is wrong.

President Obama often speaks without background information; thus he often mistakenly gives only his one-sided opinion. Think of being of Japanese ancestry during and directly after World War II. It was not easy. Our country hosted prison camps filled with Japanese war criminals. Some of those folks were wrongfully arrested and held prisoner. Somehow, they and their families worked through it.

The same is true of my ancestors. Germans were despised because of Hitler’s threats to overtake Europe. Several people in our neighborhood put my father in suspect just because of his German heritage. Grandpa and Dad often spoke in the German language freely and if with other Germans, spoke fluently with them. Neither of them had a pronounced German accent when they spoke English. Yet, they felt the pressure of being German.

Because America is a land of equal opportunity, my grandfather was able to homestead 120 acres of farmland and had a dairy herd that took care of his family, then the farm was handed down to my father. By the time I was in high school, most of the German ridicule and name calling had disappeared. We melded into a community of Polish, Germans, Swedes, and Norwegians.

The truth is, racism is not specifically for one color or another. It is driven by bigotry. It is fueled with selfish people of all stripes who refuse to accommodate. It has always been there, and regretfully, it will continue. The remedy lies in the Biblical truth that we are commanded to treat each other with respect, in fact, “in honor, preferring one another.” (Romans 12:10) Paul writes to Timothy, probably because of the collection of different peoples in Ephesus, “I charge thee before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.” (I Timothy 5:21)

Although our past be riddled with mistakes, this serious warning given with directness, needs to be followed. Without living in the awe and respect for God’s Law, dissention will continue. Color is not the problem. Sin is the problem. Only by personal choice does a person turn from sin, repent, and become a new creature in Christ. (II Corinthians 5:17) Only then does racial discord cease to function



  1. Glenda

    Very well stated, Karyl! In our part of the country, the main racial differences for many decades was between black and white. I was a sophomore in high school when our school was blown up because of bigoted people who refused to allow the students to attend school peaceably. When forced desegregation began in Clinton, TN, in the mid-50s, there were very few students who objected, because we understood the unfairness of having to ride a bus for an hour each way just to attend the specific high school for the Negro students. For the most part, our students were more than willing to welcome the other kids to our school, but outsiders came in and caused problems that would not have existed if they had stayed where they were.

    It is interesting how bigotry plays out in various parts of our nation, with fear and resentment running rampant among those who are ignorant of the contributions made to our society by other races and nationalities of people, all of whom were created by a loving God. There seems to be a great lack of empathy, and we can get that only as we allow God to change our hearts.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about the trials and tribulations of the teenagers who came to our school, you can look up The Clinton Twelve and find many links that will provide that information. While I do not agree with our current president’s assertion that it is still white against black in America, I do see where he’s coming from. He just hasn’t researched enough to know about the mistreatment of other immigrants, who have contributed greatly to our success as a nation. Sorry about writing an epistle….. 🙂

  2. It is disheartening to see the disenfranchised (whomever they are) to be pushed further into a box, a cage, a grave… We are all different in some respect but we should all treat others the same seeing no race, no difference, etc. It is difficult but can be done if practiced. Too often there are those who polarize the ones in the room for their own advancement. It hurts me to see that. I guess it hurts first that in this country the Native Americans lost so much and even lost the right to speak for themselves long ago. A minister at church said that Christians are the most persecuted group on earth. I don’t believe that and I know that once we take our focus off the whole and put on ourselves, into what group we associate with the most, we have become racist, sectionalist, “divisionalist.” We are dividing when we shouldn’t. Excellent post and points we should all remember. Thank you. Take care. 😀

  3. Right on. Where I live (Canadian prairies) black people are generally accepted and respected. The tension is between the First Nations (Indians) and everyone else. Because the colour line is not so distinct, there is a tendency to think of successful Indians as being white people and to consider the drunken Indian without a job as being the typical Indian.

  4. so true! Jesus saw us all as equals. If the president wants to go far enough, I agree with Garden2Day – look at native people. Probably less than a 100 years ago, they were persecuted by people and many of them lost their identity in the name of trying to reform them as Christians. this whole GZ – TM case is not about race but about two people who made mistakes that night and will be paying for the rest of their lives. Mistakes that other people have made and fortunately, they came out unscathed. Thank you for speaking up.

  5. I believe the Zimmerman case has been deliberately used to stir up fresh anger and hatred between Blacks and whites. Those who are doing the stirring are opportunistic. You’ve said this very well, Karyl.

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