Wheelbarrows, Races, and Sportsmanship

Facebook provided group space and each group can control it as it wishes. Yesterday I ran into a rule that is just plain crazy! If someone is “thinking” they may want what you advertise as a garage sale item, they can post, “interested” and then the seller is supposed to wait a specified number of hours before selling the item to someone else. This rule causes contention and drama. Here is my “take” on it.

I’ve been doing some outside study on the history of the city of Corinth. You know, the city where Paul spread the gospel of grace and founded a nucleus of Believers—that Corinth—in Greece. Later the Apostle Paul wrote them two letters to help them through “issues” on stability. In the course of writing, Paul used the example of athletic events. In our Bibles we find that sort of teaching in I Corinthians 9:24-27. The race to which he is referring is most likely a foot race. He writes (and I quote in part) “Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize. . .I therefore so run, not as uncertainly. . .”

More and more I am hearing about competitions in which everyone wins a prize. Everyone gets a certificate of participation with a silver sticker and everyone claps for everyone! Call me old fashioned, but there has to be only one winner. To give everyone a prize takes the dazzle right out of the crown of victory. Good losers are difficult to find these days.

My mom often reminded me, “It is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game.” She said that to reprimand my father when he attempted to cheat at dominoes. It has stuck with me.

In an effort to clean my carport, I posted two items on a facebook garage sale site. Oh boy. What a can of worms. In about 30 minutes I took the post down and decided I’d rather take the two items, an old mower that takes a Herculean arm to start, and a wheelbarrow with a flat tire, to the curb and let it be a first come, first take for free, than endure the drama of two women fighting over something broken. These grown women have not gained anything out of toddlerhood! You know, it should be cash in hand, get the merchandise. We’ll see what happens tomorrow and I hope that I can escape unscathed.

This generation of whiners and whimpering babies has grown out of a culture of “ME, ME, ME” I point the finger at my mother’s generation who indulged children to their own injury. Remember Dr. Spock? Everyone wins? No. Everyone does try if they train and can carry out a mission to the end. That is worth a handclap, but the reward goes to the winner. Singular.

Well, I’ll see if the wheelbarrow (both the women called it a wheel barrel if that also gives you inside information even though I did spell it correctly on the post). Maybe I should find a tiara for the $5 purchase winner! One of them used savvy and private messaged me, and she wins!

Run, readers, run; if you lose, smile, give a handshake, and say “Good race.” I think that would display Biblical sportsmanship.

We have strayed so far from living according to God’s Word and walking in the Shepherd’s presence.

If I had just one more wheelbarrow . . . nah, then there would be three to vie over two.



  1. Glenda

    Well, I saw this earlier in my email inbox, and when I replied, it got crazy and didn’t post, then when I tried to pull it up again, the message said it had been removed. Anyway, I am glad that those two items have now been sold, and I hope you’ll have no further issues with childish people!

    Now, I don’t remember what else I said earlier today, but I’m sure it was not terribly profound, so I’ll just thank you for the reminder of the way we Christians should behave in such situations! 🙂

  2. With you all the way! This ridiculous “everyone gets a prize” philosophy has seeped into every area of life, so that ultimately no one is truly a winner, and we’re all just equal people doing equally well in a totally starless sky. Blah.

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