Prayer Alert: Bus accident

The accident you may have seen on your news yesterday involved a church in Indianapolis that is of like faith with my church. It seems that the news is giving misinformation in their desperation to be the “first on the scene” rather than care about the accident.

Here are a few facts:

The bus was returning from a week at a Bible camp in Michigan. There were two buses. Only one involved in the accident.

Some campers in the accident were held overnight in two different hospitals.

The youth pastor, his wife, and another adult who was assisting with the campers were dead at the scene. The youth pastor had a toddler aged child that survived the accident.

Please pray for this church, Colonial Hills Baptist Church, this morning and for the next few days. While this is a time of grief, we sorrow not as others who have no hope.

I have the name of the youth pastor so you can pray by name on that one: Chad and Courtney Phelps.

Thank you for joining our brothers and sisters in faith as we pray for the church and families involved in this time of heartache.

The casue of the accident it seems, from the bus driver, is that the brakes failed on the exit ramp, the bus then went out of control and rolled over. There were 37 passengers. They were approximately two minutes from the church parking lot. Of those 37 passengers, three are safely home in Heaven.



  1. So sorry to here about this tragedy and our prayers or lifted up for the family’s of those who passed, and for the injured and their family.

  2. Condolences and prayers.
    ME and the Boss

  3. Glenda

    Thank you for the clarification, Karyl, and my prayers are continuing for all involved. SOOO thankful for the assurance of eternity with Jesus!

    • One more update: 4 died in the accident, Courtney was carrying a child to be born next month. Also, one teenager remains in critical condition.

  4. Karyl, this is all so heartbreaking. Thanks for the clarifications. Praying for all concerned.

    • Many mentions it in a comment below, and I found this out at lunch today that Mrs. Phelps was also carrying a baby about a month from delivery. One teenager remains in critical condition yet, 10 were hospitalized. The adult woman who died was personal friend of my pastor’s family. Dr. Bob Taylor took the pulpit this morning. He is still pastor Emet. of Colonial Hills. My pastor could barely talk of it this mornng.

      • Sometimes there are just no words.

  5. Hadn’t heard about it, Karyl! So glad you told us so we can join others in praying for the toddler, the traumatized survivors and the families of those so suddenly transported to heaven.

    • Jessica, since you are half a country away, the news may not have made it your way. It seemed most of my friends on the east and south parts of the country knew about it. Thank you for praying, even just today.

  6. Prayers….

    • Thank you. It is heavy on our hearts here in the Indy area particularly. My grandson is a camp counselor at a different camp and can’t imagine how he would feel had it been someone in his cabin. A lesson in that we never know. . .

      • So true–we never know. Oh, the fun days of being a counselor at church camp…wonderful memories galore. Sad that these will be woven into your grandson’s memories even from a different camp he will remember just because it happened at this time.

  7. Mandy Ferguson

    Courtney Phelps was also 8 months pregnant. My heart breaks for the church and for the families of those lost. I also think the driver will need special grace over the next few weeks. I’m sure that even though there was nothing he could do, it will weigh on him in the days to come.

    • Thank you for further clarification, Mandy. It is my understanding now too, that the baby was a girl, and I do now know that the toddler is a boy. One teenager from the accident is still in critical condition. WTHR is doing the best job of reporting.

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