That Little Decimal Point

A friend of mine wrote a song some years back entitled, “Little Things” and its theme was the little things in Bible accounts. God does use little things, for instance, the little boy’s lunch.

That aside, just now I was filling in a chart that tracks my nutritional intake. That chart tracks everything and as a tool, you can find it at if you happen to be looking for something similar. I put in a half cup of yogurt and 2 sourdough pancakes and then prodeeded to check my day’s balance. I had no balance! I was over the limits consideratly! Mystified as to what happened, I then saw that I had actually put in 5 cups of yogurt instead of .5 cups. That little decimal point makes quite a difference.

It is the little things that clutter up our lives too. The little things can be good things, but if they steer us off the path to spiritual usefulness, they are the little things that make a difference one direction or the other.

Under the Shepherd’s presence I shall dwell and be careful about my food intake entry measurements!

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  1. Glenda

    Reminds me of the old song, “Little Things Mean A Lot,” from the ’50s. Then, there is the hymn, “Little Is Much, When God Is In It.” Both of these songs remind us that our “little” can be of great value, just as your 1/2 grew to 10 times its original value. A great lesson for us to remember, in case we ever think the little things we do don’t really matter. A little word can either hurt or heal, so we need to remember this balance in our daily lives as well. Thank you, Karyl! 🙂

  2. Made me smile. I overlooked a decimal point the other day and ended up with several hundred thousand more dollars in my checking account than I knew was there 🙂

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