A Honey Bite

Can a hamster bite teach a valuable lesson? I thought so.

Honey is a teddy bear hamster who happens to be honey colored. He has no markings on him whatsoever. Hank was my little panda hamster and he tamed so quickly. However, I made him inadvertently ill by feeding him dandelion leaves. Honey is not his replacement. Hank will always have a special memory place in my life.

Unlike Hank, Honey has been difficult to tame. He tends to be skittish unless he is tired from running on the wheel all night! If Honey happens to be awake when I get up in the morning, that’s when we have our cuddle time. Last week he was sitting in the palm of my hand while I gently stroked his silky hair when all of a sudden for no reason at all he chomped into my finger!

It is good that I was holding him above his topless habitat because in my surprise and pain, I dropped him. He sat there unmoving while I wiped blood away from my wound. When I retrieved him briefly he was so quiet. We made amends. Honey is fine. I feed him his daily walnut treat but I have not offered to pick him up for any cuddle time.

It was completely unintentional on his part. Honey was looking for a treat since my hands usually feed him. Sometimes people say unintentional things that wound my spirit. How do I react? Carefully. Proverbs 18:19 gives a warning rather than advice: “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city; and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.”

I know you are thinking that the Word of God has all sorts of reasons to forgive someone but I am not really talking forgiveness. I have certainly forgiven my little hamster for biting me. Will I forget it? Nope. Precautions will be necessary. After all, my finger bled freely and required a band aid. But I care for him, feed him; keep his habitat clean—I just have to protect myself.

When we offend someone, although unintentionally, the wound can be long-lasting. The warning here is: be careful of your actions and words. The wounds you unintentionally inflict may be forgiven because it is the right thing to do, but you will be handled with precautionary measures thereafter.

Who would have ever thought that a hamster bite would evoke such a message? Only under the Shepherd’s Presence do we allow the Word of God to work in our hearts in such a way.



  1. Glenda

    Thank you for another wonderful lesson, learned from an unexpected place! While I try always to be unoffensive, my fear is that someone will misunderstand my words and/or intentions and will not tell me about it so that I may make amends. I do not want some absent-minded comment to make someone turn away from the Savior because of my example. I’ll be more careful now!

  2. Biting the hand that feeds us. . . .

    Good one, Karyl, as always.

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