Sometimes the description of an irritated, grumpy person who didn’t get his way about something is “he has a knot in his tail.” Whenever I hear that description it makes me cringe just thinking about the pain. Ouch! I don’t even have a tail, but can imagine. . .

My grandson learned early that if he could pinch the water hose, it would stop the water flow. He thought it fun to do when we watered flowers. If the hose went around the corner and I temporarily disappeared, he would kink the hose just for the fun of it. He was about three years old the first time he did it to me. He laughed and laughed because he would quickly unkink the hose as soon as he saw me coming. Well, that is just mischief and all in fun.

What happens when our plans are kinked? Can we be flexible and find a way around the change, or does that kink cause emotional struggle that is difficult to overcome. If we don’t overcome through flexibility, we will be like the man described above: a person with a knot in the tail.

Sometimes what seems a simple annoyance sparks anger that stirs strife—strife that leads to words spoken are lived with regret for a long time.

So what brought this topic to mind for me to express? One: the advertisement for the kinkless water hose. It made me think of a kinkless life. That will never happen. Two: the verse I read in Proverbs 15 recently. Verse 18, like many of the proverbs shows contrast. “A wrathful man stirreth up strife; but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.”

Don’t allow those kinks along your life journey to ruin something needlessly. Satan loves to kink our flow of God’s love to others. Don’t let him win.


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  1. Glenda

    A great reminder of the way we should live! I always try to realize that God is in everything that happens to us, even the kinks, and there are always lessons to be learned from all of it. It’s hard to think that the “bad” things in our lives are even orchestrated by Him, because we know that He loves us, but we see so many instances in Scripture of the way He worked in the lives of those whose lives were devoted to Him. Joseph is the first one that comes to my mind….who would have thought that being sold as a slave would become the way his family would someday be saved from starvation during a horrific famine? Anyway, I’ll stop now, and thank you for another great post!

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