Music to my Ears

Whenever my mother would hear a good report on something, she would give her million dollar smile and say, “Well, that’s music to my ears!” We all like to hear good news and we have a longing to hear positive things.

The birds each sing an individual song. My dad once told me that the reason he could recognize the birds by their songs was because he learned it in school. That was in the 1920’s and I suppose a particular teacher in that one-room schoolhouse had a fascination for such things.

Water rushing over rocks in a mountain stream gives off a musical sound of its own. The thunder of Niagara Falls is majestic. The slapping of waves on an empty seashore brings comfort and peace.

So, what is music? To open such a topic is daring indeed! I have no desire to argue doctrine or music styles. When we arrive in Heaven, we will finally know of what kind of music God approves. Fortunately, I like many kinds of music and not a steady diet of any particular kind. Variety is most to my liking. I enjoy the sounds of nature more than the blends of voices. I even like the chortling sounds of my little hamster, Honey. The rumbling purr of a contented cat is a display of contentment. Although some hate the chirping of crickets, I find it a happy sound.

I recall that one time I heard an evangelist state that all nature sings in the minor key. I don’t know enough about music to qualify that statement, but I know that Romans 8:22,23 tells me that “creation groans in travail in part awaiting . . . redemption.”

That tells me that the best music of all awaits us. Since I know Christ as my Savior, I look forward to that day when my redemption is complete and perfect. It is then that I will hear the angelic voices in perfect chorus praising the best Lamb of all, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Ah, but one thing remains to be done. That is our personal decision to receive salvation purchased for us on Calvary. It is certainly my wish at all of my readers have made that personal decision. Then, dear Reader, abide in the Shepherd’s Presence and enjoy the beauty of nature as it exists now. All of nature’s sounds are sweetest when they are enjoyed in His presence.



  1. Glenda

    Wonderful thought! We will join the angels’ voices one day, and we must try to take as many of our friends and family with us as possible.

  2. Karyl, I’m so far behind in my blog-reading, I don’t know if I’ll EVER catch up, but I sure am glad I caught this one! Music to my ears, indeed 🙂

    • Me too, Linda. Sometimes I pick just one blog, and read the back posts until I am caught up, at least with that one! I usually pick a day when I am just a little “under the weather” but lately, I’ve been feeling really great!

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