Agnes, the GPS Lady

My friend and I took a road trip two states away over the weekend. I knew in general the way to our destination and because I don’t see well enough to point out turns quickly anymore, I am not a good direction giver. I assumed she knew the way. As we approached the bridge over the Ohio River at Louisville, I reminded my friend that the turn here was tricky. She nodded and I stayed quiet rather than be bossy.

She missed the turn. As I already said, I don’t see the signs quickly enough to help someone. After a while, I doubted that we were going correctly and casually stated, in a non accusing manner, “Are we on Interstate 64?”

Her quick reply: “No, are we supposed to be?”

“Yes,” I quietly informed her.

Now what? Kay pulled over as soon as she could, and out came “Agnes,” the GPS lady. Agnes deftly led us onto a quiet, two-lane road traveling south. Eventually we joined Interstate 75 and were on the most direct route again.

The serious Christian believer has a GPS called “the Holy Spirit.” When I get on a comfortable path and carelessly miss a turn, the Holy Spirit quietly pulls me back unto the right way.

That part of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, is a quiet and gentle part of the Godhead. Unlike Agnes, He is not bossy. If a driver simply pulls off to a rest area Agnes is busy recalculating, so she says, to find a route back to her liking. At least the Holy Spirit allows us wiggle room for diversions and gently directs us through God’s Word to the Way.

Praise the Lord, for giving us that gentle, quiet voice to guide us on our life journey.



  1. Glenda

    We don’t have an “Agnes” in our car, because I’ve heard that she can be quite annoying, and we like to take little trips with no particular destination. It sounds as if you were coming to our area, and if so, I’m sorry I missed seeing you while you were around.

    Yes, it is the nature of the Holy Spirit to allow us to wander when we choose to do so, and I”m so happy that the way back is always available!! It would be much simpler if He would just close all the doors we shouldn’t be opening, but He wants us to learn to obey, and sometimes those lessons are learned by trial and error. Thank you for another great reminder of our position in Him!

    • I was in your area but for such a short time, I could not fit everything in. Next spring Katie and I will come back through and MAKE time to see you and others from SCC.

      • Glenda

        That should be good….maybe we’ll even have a pastor by then! Just following the Holy Spirit’s guidance on that one! 🙂

  2. Roe

    Very good. Now what about the Christians who are like Agnes? 😉

    • Just love them, warts and all. I don’t much care for Agnes, although she is better than the first one Katie had. It got so excited if we didn’t obey. “Turn around, turn around” it would command. Agnes simply says, “recalculating. . .” and we can’t even make a mistake if we listen to her when we leave a Cracker barrel parking lot! People can never take the place of the Holy Spirit–that’s why it is important to recognize His direction. Our problem is that we only THOUGHT we knew the way and didn’t hook Agnes into our plans! That happens too. Blog space is limited to I may have another “Agnes” blog coming down the pike.

  3. Great post. Sometimes I wish the Holy Spirit was as loud and direct as Agnes…lol. I probably need to clean out my ears… 🙂 . Take care! 😀

    • Yes, there is a lot to learn from Agnes about ourselves. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Love it, Karyl. If we would only heed that Voice when we first hear it. . . .

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