The question is: Is controversy bad? Without a doubt, my reply will be, well, controversial!

This week someone asked me about cavemen. In a public arena, they conversation following such a question could easily become contrary. Since this was a private conversation and asked out of genuine search for wisdom, no controversy convened between the two of us. Had I been involved in such a question in a public school classroom, there would have been numerous questions and objections to my reply.

This week a viral Facebook post involved a question of marriage. I didn’t even read the article since it really does not involve me. Two days later, another question arose in opposition to the article. It was a question of whether the viral posting had Biblical content. A controversy erupted.

Such differences of opinion remind me of the controversy in Corinth in which some people in the congregation liked Apollos better than Paul. It was a healthy conversation. Paul addressed it in I Corinthians 3 letting them know that both he and Apollos are fellow laborers.

Paul further explained in the same passage that one plants, one waters, but it is God that gives the increase. Satan dances in glee when fellow believers argue and wrangle with each other. It is best not to give him such joy!

If someone brings up a differing view on something, what should we then say? “That’s an interesting point.” would be a good answer. Paul addresses the matter of controversy to Timothy in both letters to him, and in II Timothy he even says to him, “. . . being mindful of thy tears. . .” is a tender moment of compassion on Paul’s part. Strident remarks during such discourse of controversy bring too many believers to tears.

How much better that we take the points of difference with “. . . charity, out of a pure heart.” as Paul explained in I Timothy 1:5. Controversy is not bad, unless it is handled in a strident way. Remember that next time you post an opposing view on something. Far too strident remarks are made particularly on political posts.

And now, I am stepping off my soap box. Hold your applause please! Well, you are more than welcome to comment—nothing strident, please.



  1. Good job, Karyl. Speaking the truth in love (Eph. 4″15). . . .let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt (Col 4:6).

    • Thanks, Linda. And you will never know how much your two word affirmation meant to Debby on her post yesterday. 🙂

  2. Glenda

    It is impossible to live with other people and avoid ALL controversy. Some people will back away from it, trying to stay out of a discussion, but those folks are not, IMO, doing the rest of us a favor. We all need to hear others’ viewpoints, but you are correct–we MUST express them kindly, Christians have NO excuse for being unkind, even when our opinions/convictions differ from another’s. Thank you for this reminder!

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