Picturing Christmas — a book review

If you are aware or have read the “Christmas Jars” then you will also enjoy this novella. This is a 2013 novella written by Jason F. Wright. It is available in hardback, as well as a Kindle® edition. I chose the Kindle version because it did not involve mailing and is easy for me to read.

The story is about a college graduate and her first job as a professional photographer. The setting is New York City. Her first job involves serving as an intern for a big city publication. The main character is an only child who grew up in Arizona and her father is an established lawyer in a law firm in Texas. The parents are the sub plot of the book.

That’s all I really want to tell you about the story since it is short and I don’t want to spoil anything about your reading experience should you decided to get it for yourself.

What I liked best about the book is the absence of gooshy-mooshy-soap-opera romance. Yet, the book is pure with the element of curiosity that keeps the reader turning pages. While the book is certainly captivating, it also gives the sense of decency that a Christian, like myself, desires in a book. There is absolutely no moral teaching pushed upon the reader. There are, however, high moral values in the book simply by the way the characters interact.

I predict that the book will have as much lasting value as other books by Wright have done. This was my choice of the one Christmas book I read each year and I have no regrets that I wasted my time!

Last year I read “Christmas at Harringtons” by Melody Carlson and it was so delightful I still highly recommend it! My book review of it is somewhere among other blogs if you care to look for it.


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