It is cold here today in Indiana. Subzero weather is not our strong point. It is keeping the furnace going in order to stay warm, but in general, I am fine. However, I do wonder about some of the folks in town who live in drafy houses and do not have good heat, and I wonder if they have the luxury of hot chocolate drinks to enjoy.

Yes, the way of the transgressor is hard (difficult), still I have a tender heart toward those who suffer around them because of the sin. My heart stirs for the homeless in this frigid weather; in fact, my heart stirs for them year around. It is stirred because there is a remedy found at the Cross of Christ. What’s more, the warmth of God’s love is free!

Who will tell them? Who will pray? Who will give? It is not the government’s responsibility; it is the responsibility of those who follow Christ. We cannot help them unless we go to them or see that someone is sent to them.

At that I am reminded of the compassion of Jesus observed and recorded by both Matthew and Mark (Matt. 9:36, Mark 6:34) that Jesus saw the multitude of people with compassion and as sheep having no shepherd. Peter challenged his readers in I Peter 3:8 to have compassion on others in the assembly. Jude sums it up in verse 22: “and some, have compassion, making a difference.”

As I look out on the cold snow and spots of ice, my heart is stirred to remove any coldness in my heart. Coldness seeps into a heart much the same as coldness seeps into a house without proper insulation or weather stripping. Coldness robs a person of personal joy and others who are seeking the warmth of God’s generous grace.

I ask you, reader, to join me in displaying the warmth of God’s grace to a hurting and needy world right in our own cities.



  1. Glenda

    A very worthy challenge! Thank you for the reminder of our responsibility as children of the most high God!

  2. Sad it is that there are many Christians who are not Christ like…
    willing to help the sick and suffering…not just on Sunday…
    I’ve moved…another new year, a new address…
    Keep praying, a good example is what God wants us to be…
    Love, hugs and blessings…ME and the Boss

  3. Karyl, it’s still cold! Way below normal for PA in early March. I too have thought of the many who spend cold days outdoors, or sleeping over heating vents. Hard to understand how they survive the winters. But coldness of heart is much more dangerous. Good post.

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