Tables of Stone

Sunday school teacher beware. Hide your toes! I may step on them if you read further.

First let me ask you—stop right now and list the Ten Commandments. Did you get all Ten?

Now, let me ask this: Do you have them displayed any place in your home? I ask this because I was personally challenged as a classroom teacher in a Christian school why I did not have the Ten Commandments posted on the walls of my classroom. The following week I posted them! The visiting leader in Christian education further challenged us this: If a drunk stumbled into your classroom, would he know he was in a Christian environment.

I took notes recently in my passing through Deuteronomy 4-10. I cross referenced those chapters back to Exodus 20 so that I will never again teach the Ten Commandments from Exodus only. Here is Moses charging the people to keep God’s ways when they enter the Promised Land that God first gave to Abraham. Chapters 5-29 are the parting words to those some million people he led out of Egypt and he repeated and confirmed what God had done for them.

The Ten Commandments are not just dusty old things. They remain the framework of righteous living for us in our present age of grace. The law, written by the finger of God is like a guide dog is to a blind person. They will keep us safe. They will guide us into holy living.

In an act of defiance against God there is a small minority of people who object to anything resembling attributes of God in the public place. They are more than just indifferent to the Bible; they hate the Bible; they hate God. They are an idol unto themselves. David Lawrence, a long time atheist is even amazed at the defiance of this younger generation. The Daily Caller, on March 7, 2014, quotes him as saying: “Atheism has become a dogmatic religion. Instead of criticizing and improving real religion, it has demeaned it and degraded itself.”

Unless children are taught a reverence for the Holy Bible and what is contained therein, they may become part of that defiant group.

Review today those enduring commandments of God. Hide them in your heart. Show them in your actions.



  1. “In an act of defiance against God there is a small minority of people who object to anything resembling attributes of God in the public place.”

    No we don’t.

    We object to the government showing preference towards a religion by displaying such things on government property.

    Particularly when it is something like the 10 Commandments, when only 3 or 4 are of any use, and several would be unconstitutional if the government tried to make them law.

  2. Glenda

    God’s Word is timeless, from front to back! I once had a friend who was seeking to justify her desire to have an adulterous affair, and she came to me for advice. I quoted that notorious seventh commandment to her, and her response was that the Ten Commandments were given only as a means to preserve social order and were no longer relevant. I asked her whether, if that WERE the reason for them, we didn’t still need to preserve social order. She had no answer for me. I won’t go into the rest of her story here, because it took many twists and turns, but she now realizes that God gave those instructions to us because He loves us and wants us to stay away from things that would bring us pain and trouble. I’m sure that my life is not ALWAYS what it should be, but I’m thankful for a loving Savior, who will always accept me and forgive me!

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