The Carpet Cleaner Guy

Sometimes the irritations in life present a time to examine methods we might be guilty of ourselves.

Last week a crew descended on a neighborhood in my fair city on a mission to clean as many carpets as they could in a given amount of time. The mission, however, was not benevolent. Is it ever? To say the least, this group of carpet guys was assertive if not downright aggressive. My daughter was a potential victim.

The key to these money-hungry-door-to-door salesmen is to never open the door. Nope. Not even a crack! One of even the smallest smiles or affirmations will make them descend with vigor and persistence rarely seen.

Although she never gave any permission or voiced any desire, the salesperson took the no commitment as an affirmation. In fifteen minutes a van pulled into the driveway, unloaded equipment and approached the door. He tried the doorbell. No answer. He tried knocking. No answer. Repeat. Yes, repeating to the point of harassment. After ringing, pounding, calling, yes, his irritated and now fearful customer called the police. The carpet cleaner guy did a hasty retreat.

Persistence, with the wrong motive does not pay with positive returns. So, what does this teach? David, the psalmist, in Psalm 40:1 says “I waited patiently for the Lord and he inclined His ear unto me. . .” Patiently: in the sense of doing something that takes time to accomplish. Do we forget when approaching the Throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:14-16) that we are in the presence of the Lord? I hope not. God will graciously grant our requests in His time, and in His way. Don’t be the carpet cleaning guy. Show respect in that place of prayer.


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  1. Good grief. What a horror story. And what a good application!

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