The TB Test

Regular volunteers in nursing homes are required to get a TB test once a year. My test this year has not gone well.

In a drawer on the right hand side of my desk is an old greeting card lid. In it lie quarter size sheets of scrap paper. On each scrap there is a “tickle” reminder of a writing idea. Years ago my husband kept a “tickle file” of things that needed to be done. He looked at them once a week, and I swear, if my name was on it, that sheet must have gone directly to the bottom of the pile! Now, I must confess that I do no better than he did.

Since I have this category called Everyday Thinking on this blog site, I use it for those things that happen in just ordinary days of life.

This morning I happened to remember that yesterday I was supposed to have my TB test read. Well, I just hustled on down and have it read! “Too late. Past the proper time to read the test.” the on duty nurse responded with nurse’s authority. With a sad face and wrinkled brow I look at the nurse in charge and say, “And that means?” The charge nurse gently smiled and replied, “It means you get to have another one!” Now, I made it through the first run fine. Then the nurse tells me, “Now in 14 days,” as she circled the date on a calendar, “you need to have the second part of the test.”

So, last Friday I dutifully bared my forearm for test number two. Success depends on no bumpy places on the forearm 48 to 72 hours later. It does not count if it is 94 hours later. I bared my left forearm this time and believe me, I will return for the reading before 72 hours expire!

On my way home I scold myself. God’s Word reminds me that time and again Israel did not learn from past mistakes. Samuel spoke sternly to them upon his departure as the last judge of Israel. “Only fear the Lord and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things He hath done for you. But if ye shall still do wickedly, ye shall be consumed both ye and your king.” I Samuel 12:24-25

How very perfectly God’s Word fits into our daily lives. As I read that yesterday morning I thought with a sigh that Israel did not learn. I intend to learn from getting three injections when I could have had just two because I surely do not want four!

Maybe, just maybe the next blog will be from my tickle file. But, maybe not. It seems that God regularly uses object lessons to confirm the truth of His Word.


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