The TB Test–results

In case any of you were wondering, the results of the TB test proved to be negative. I knew they would be negative on round two but of course, I had to have an “official” reading by a registered nurse. Thus, a round three was necessary.

When I admitted my mother into a 24-hour facility I was bombarded with things one never dreams of when admitting to such a facility. It seemed as if after taking care of her for four years in my home had been all wrong (but in fact, it was very right!) because I lost all control. The head of nursing at Hickory Creek told me, regretfully, that except for NASA, no other group was as regulated as nursing home care!

My mother’s care, while 24/7 which was more than I could give, was indeed, not all I had given her. It left me wanting. Some of the things were overcome by vigilance alone. My daughter and I “spoiled” mom by bringing her milk shakes and home made cooking whenever we wanted to. I called ahead to let the home know that I was bringing lunch or dinner to mom and loaded up a picnic basket! We ate together in privacy and loved it. The togetherness brought her great joy although Altzheimer’s robbed her of the memory a few minutes after I left. Still, for those few minutes I was able to see smiles and mom knew she was loved. That’s what was important.

If you must, for your own sanity, place a parent or loved one in a 24/7 care facility, please don’t be far away and please visit very often. It is a win-win situation.

One more thing: if you can visit others or like me, teach a class as a vounteer, it is well-worth the annoyance of getting a yearly TB test. Because I have the TB test, I can go into rooms and visit with a variety of residents, read to them, tell them stories, and best of all, pray with them. It is a well-worth doing task that goes unnoticed except for the facility which will love you for what you do and you will spread the light of God’s love as you go.

When you take the test, however, don’t let it slip your mind and get past that 72-hour check point. You will have to get another well-meaning stab!



  1. Good advice, Karyl. I hope, if and when my time comes, that I will be near at least one of my kids!

    • Me too. I think Debby and Gary are here for the long haul and I am less than a mile from them. Debby helped me with her Granny, she already knows the ropes! But, I’d rather the rapture first so those worrisome days will lie behind us!

      • 🙂

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