It Is Well with My Soul

I find that this gentleman researches carefully the hymn stories for his blog. This grand hymn of the faith story should be known and here it is!

Wordwise Hymns

Words: Horatio Gates Spafford (b. Oct. 20, 1828; d. Oct. 16, 1888)
Music: Ville du Havre , by Philip Paul Bliss (b. July 9, 1838; d. Dec. 29, 1876)

Wordwise Hymns
The Cyber Hymnal

The tune for this wonderful hymn was named after the S. S. Ville du Havre, the ship on which the Spaffords’ four daughters were to die so tragically, when the vessel struck another in mid-Atlantic in the dark, and went down. Horatio Spafford had remained in Chicago, taking care of some business. He planned to join his family later, in England. The great Chicago fire had destroyed most of the buildings in the city, and even two years later, many of the schools had yet to be rebuilt. The Spaffords hoped to enroll their daughters in an English academy for a time.

Instead, the terrible wreck, changed their lives forever. Anna Spafford experienced…

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