A Victory for Students in Kansas

I read with interest the following in an e mail posted by Citizen Link this morning. It is another victory but one fought for a right already guaranteed by our American Constitution. The battle over freedom of speech and religion is so misunderstood. While the Bible was taken out of the schools back fifty years ago by well-meaning people who feared that the “church” would take over public education has left a heart-breaking trail of misunderstandings and worse—lawsuits. Teachers who do not study the law are too quick to penalize anything remotely resembling what the teacher thinks is teaching the Bible! Remotely. It is a shame to our school districts when any mention of God or the Bible is immediately shut down.

Here is a link to the article I read this morning:


(You may need to use the control key, and then click.)

It is a short article and well worth the time to at least scan whether you are for or against religious teaching in public schools. God’s name deserves honor and “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12. At the very least our schools should be tolerant of open discussion in lunchrooms, playgrounds, and around the flag pole! Wise is the teacher who allows such discussion in the classroom as well.


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