Jehoiachin is the great-grandson of good King Josiah. He came to the throne as King when he was a mere eight years old. It was during his father’s reign that Judah was conquered by Persia and many of the inhabitants of Judah were taken captive to Babylon. You will relate the prophet, Daniel, to this time line.

Not much is given of his history in II Chronicles, in fact, just two verses: chapter 36 and verses 9 and 10. The length of his reign was a mere three months and ten days. Nebuchadnezzar took Jehoiachin to Babylon and appointed his brother, Zedekiah to stay in Jerusalem; He was designed to be a puppet king.

Here is what is amazing. At the age of eight years old, Jehoiachin is described as evil! A child, yet evil. I tend to think of second grade students as cute, mischievous, but not evil. Well, not always. A child left to himself will bring shame to his parents. We are all born a sinful person who needs redemption which was paid by faith in Christ. In the Old Testament our redemption was paid by faith in a sacrifice that looked forward to the Cross and now in our time since the ultimate sacrifice of Christ, our redemption is paid by looking back to the Cross.

Jehoiachin was evil by choice: his own choice and by his sinful nature inherited from Adam’s fall. Parents need to faithfully teach the Word of God and walk according to its principles. Learn from Jehoiachin’s fate. The little we know about him tells us volumes.



  1. Marcia

    Going through the whole OT at one time I see how often many parents actually trained their kids to be evil, pure evil, it’s sickening to even read about it, but I see it in our times as well. Great message, thanks!

  2. Right on the money. I’ve known evil little children whose parents didn’t have a clue. Even worse, though, is a parent TEACHING his child to be evil.

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