Pedometers, Rhubarb, and Parking Space

Recently someone gave me a zucchini. It was not too small, and not too large. I like that size. It was such a kind gesture for someone to just give me abundance from the garden. Thinking back, in the last two weeks I have had the smallest of gestures awarded me! Rhubarb from a garden left at the Active Adult Center to whomever to take, and a small pedometer in my birthday sack, are tokens of generosity.

One day when I came home I noticed a nice empty space in my carport. The person who had left a personal item there had finally come to take it back. I really did want that corner of the carport and now it is mine again.

Best of all, my girls pooled their money and bought me a three-wheeled pedal “bike.” The three-wheelers are so much safer for me since my balance has been deteriorating with age, and it is wonderful for exercise. It was given out of love for me. It was “new to me” meaning second-hand, but in lovely condition.

When God’s Word tells us to be “thankful in everything.” (I Thessalonians 5:18) it means just that: thankful to rhubarb, zucchini, and even parking space. It is that uneventful and safe trip, and a day free of arthritic distress, and even farm fresh eggs. It is the welcoming hug from a resident at the local nursing home, and the tears of compassion felt by a praying friend.

I am thankful.

Are you?


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