The Sub-Contractor

As in so many of these posts, I find observations from everyday life. Here is another one. In order to see these things, one must connect daily with the Good Shepherd. That is also the reason for the title of this blog: The Shepherd’s Presence.

My daughter and I live a mere half mile from each other. It is handy for both of us to be able to help one another on a regular basis. She runs a small business out of her home making hair bows. Her store, an on-line store run by Etsy, is run on a national basis. Nearly every day she has orders that need to be mailed to faraway places. The local post office knows her by name and has the mailing instructions memorized now!

Generally her oldest son, who has a driver’s license, makes the daily run of hair bow orders. He likes to drive, the ladies at the post office like him, and my daughter does not have to load up all the children just to make a post office run. This week, however, Kevin had another obligation so he called me. Smart boy. He knows how to sub contract! By now the post office ladies also know me. “What’s Kevin up to today?” they ask, and I give them friendly information while they process the packages.

As I left the post office, it occurred to me that my mission on Kevin’s behalf is not unlike my mission to take the Gospel message with purpose whether I am leaving a leaflet of information about the Bible and the message of Christ’s love or if I am praying for far off missionaries, or my local congregation of fellow believers. Jesus compels us to be ambassadors, not with boxes of hairbows, but with the ministry of reconciliation. That is a subcontractor job we must take seriously. II Corinthians 5:20, “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ. . .”


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  1. Really a good one. Love it.

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