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ATwo of my grandsons make survival bracelets. Like their entreprenaur mother, they manage to sell them. Made of paracord, the reason to have one of these bracelets if you hike and explore, is that the powerful paracord may be able to rescue one from peril! Today, right now, there are Christians who are under fire …


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Remember Me?

More often than I want to admit, I meet people whom I knew twenty years ago or more and instead of introducing themselves in a gracious way, they say, “Remember me?” I weakly reply, “You look familiar but. . .” Now, some people just don’t change with age and if I taught them for a …

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The List: More on Remember

Grandchildren are good teachers but of course, I must also have a teachable spirit. When I suggested that she put a stray lip gloss in her purse so she would not lose it, Kamryn immediately fetched a purse with many pockets that once belonged to my mother. One by one, my granddaughter pulled items out …

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The word, remember, appears in the Bible 210 times according for the search at Bible Gateway. The word, remembrance, its noun relative, is found another 53 times. When I first thought about the word recently, it did not occur to me the many connotations that the word conjures. At first impulse, it would be the …

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Threading the Needle

Macular degeneration in my case means I have to have good light in order to read or do things that require keen eyesight. However, if there is a glare, it is equally difficult. It is the nature of my “hard-of-seeing” status. Without the innovative tool on my computer that magnifies what I am reading, or …

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