Threading the Needle

Macular degeneration in my case means I have to have good light in order to read or do things that require keen eyesight. However, if there is a glare, it is equally difficult. It is the nature of my “hard-of-seeing” status. Without the innovative tool on my computer that magnifies what I am reading, or writing, I would not be able to use a computer at all.

Saturdaya mending job was imperative. The sewing machine would be necessary. Well, it didn’t matter what color thread was on the machine because all the stitching would be on the inside. The machine was threaded with a khaki color on the top and light pink on the bottom. Big stuff was done: the machine was threaded.

A little more than half way through the mending job—you guess it—the top thread broke. Pulling aside the fabric, at first I attempted to rethread the needle with only the use of my trifocals.


Next step: find my 3X magnifying glass.

Even with the magnification, I could not see the hole in the needle!

I stopped. I prayed, “Father, I can’t even see the hole in the needle, please help me.”

Next attempt: Success! Still, I did not see the hole; the thread just found its way.

It is one of those times when I know that I prayed about something that absolutely no one else could have possibly prayed on my behalf. God guided my fingers to do an impossible task.

Dear Ones reading this: Nothing is too difficult for God. Luke 1:37 is just one place of many references to that fact.

If this were the first time this happened, I probably would not have mentioned it. This is the second time within a month this has happened. Just here to brag on my Amazing Shepherd!


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  1. I love this. He is the God of the details!

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