The word, remember, appears in the Bible 210 times according for the search at Bible Gateway. The word, remembrance, its noun relative, is found another 53 times. When I first thought about the word recently, it did not occur to me the many connotations that the word conjures. At first impulse, it would be the first word in an imperative sentence.

So, put to the test, what is the first thought that remember brings to mind? “Remember the Alamo!” or “Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.”

A lonely soldier sitting on his cot may think, “I wonder if my friends remember me?”

An upper rank executive may sit in his office wondering if the employees ever remember what he has afforded them, or do they just complain and beg for more.

Cold grave markers give way to memory just by the inscription of the years of birth and death. With a lonely voice they seem to say, “Do you remember me?”

In our lonely moments, here’s a verse: “And God remembered Noah. . .” (Genesis 8:1) The fact is, God never forgot Noah. While Noah was floating on the sea of waters over the earth, Noah had no idea of when he was going to get out of the ark. He sure hoped, you can well think, that he was going to see land again. One hundred fifty days after the gully washing flood washed them above all land, God gave Noah hope. God remembered.

David cried out to God on many occasions, “Remember me. . .” as if God could forget. We forget. God does not forget.

I am not through with this subject. I will return. I will remember to continue! This is a mere introduction.


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