The List: More on Remember

Grandchildren are good teachers but of course, I must also have a teachable spirit.

When I suggested that she put a stray lip gloss in her purse so she would not lose it, Kamryn immediately fetched a purse with many pockets that once belonged to my mother. One by one, my granddaughter pulled items out of the many pockets. Comb, mirror, bracelets, a necklace, a tissue, and then with all seriousness she pulled out a folded piece of paper and announced: “This is my list.”

I curiously wondered what her list included since she is a mere four years old.
“So, what do you have on your list?” I asked as she carefully unfolded it.

“It’s my shopping list, so I won’t forget what I need.” She was so serious I also had to be very serious. I expected to see childish loops and dashes but instead, I saw actual grocery items. The list had been my daughter’s grocery list and I suppose she let Kamryn hold it to keep her occupied.

Like the list in Kamryn’s purse, we have a list too. We carry it in our heart. Item one on the list is: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Nine other items are on that list. Don’t lose that list because none of those items have ever been crossed off. You will find that list, in case you do not know about them, or in case you need a review, in Exodus chapter 20.

Just think of what a good world we would occupy if only everyone carried that List and checked it regularly.


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